Gajim - 2014-07-31

  1. Askesis Hiya. Are there any gotchas when setting gc_nicknames_colors? I put in a semicolon separated list, but everyone's coming up blue now XD
  2. Askesis Does it have to be lower case?
  3. dicson for example #f57900:#ce5c00:#204a87:#75507b:#5c3566:#c17d11:#8f5902:#ef2929:#cc0000:#a40000
  4. Askesis Oh, it's colon separated?
  5. dicson Askesis, works fine for me
  6. Askesis dicson: thanks, it was colon-separated not semi-colon-separated :-)
  7. dicson Askesis, it is writed in help string
  8. Askesis dicson: ok, now I feel a fool XD
  9. Askesis I wonder if there is a way to hash the nick to provide the colour. It would make things easier cross-channel.
  10. GreenBlood Askesis, Psi+ does this
  11. Askesis GreenBlood: I know, but Psi doesn't do a decent single-window mode :-(
  12. GreenBlood aye
  13. GreenBlood but I don't think this is a so hard thing
  14. GreenBlood to do
  15. GreenBlood this was approximate english
  16. Askesis Haha
  17. GreenBlood I mean, doing a little hash like CRC32 or something on the nick string and putting it as a colour is not that complicated imho