Gajim - 2014-07-24

  1. iNPUTmice hi
  2. iNPUTmice i cant register with your trac to submit bugs
  3. iNPUTmice either i don't find the register button or its disabled
  4. iNPUTmice anyway i think there is a bug in
  5. Link Mauve It’s disabled, AFAIK, due to spam.
  6. iNPUTmice the two hashes seem to be the same if I log them
  7. iNPUTmice but they are not equal in python
  8. iNPUTmice i don't know enough python to tell you why though
  9. Link Mauve Do they have case differences, or maybe whitespace at the end?
  10. Link Mauve Try print (computed_hash, self._hash) with the parenthesis to get a dump of the string representation.
  11. iNPUTmice case difference no. white spaces maybe if log would trim those?
  12. iNPUTmice i did that (but with log) thats why i know they are the same
  13. iNPUTmice however in the xml there are no whitespaces. only reason the could somehow magically get whitespaces was if gajim would add them. but i don't have time to hunt that down any longer
  14. iNPUTmice just came here to report the bug
  15. iNPUTmice already spend 30min on that
  16. Link Mauve No, it doesn’t add whitespace.
  17. Link Mauve Does that happen for every contact or just one?
  18. iNPUTmice manly for one. other client is conversations
  19. iNPUTmice at least that what i was interested in
  20. iNPUTmice i'm the conversations dev
  21. Link Mauve :)
  22. iNPUTmice never logged into whether this happens for other clients as well
  23. iNPUTmice probably.
  24. iNPUTmice since the hashes are computed correctly on both ends i would guess that other clients run into that as well
  25. Link Mauve Are you sure this _is_hash_valid’s comparison is the culprit?
  26. Link Mauve I remember someone speaking about cache issues with Gajim.
  27. iNPUTmice pretty much
  28. Link Mauve IIRC it was Maranda.
  29. iNPUTmice if a print those two hashes just one line above the output is the same
  30. iNPUTmice if i overwirte return foo == bar with true then the error disappears
  31. iNPUTmice so yes. i'm 99% sure
  32. Link Mauve If you print foo == bar, do you get True or False?
  33. iNPUTmice false
  34. Link Mauve Strange.
  35. Link Mauve I will report this bug to Asterix when he’ll be here, thanks. :)
  36. iNPUTmice str(foo) == str(bar) is also false
  37. iNPUTmice i dont know why. don't know enough python
  38. Link Mauve Fair enough, I’ll open a bug for you.
  39. Link Mauve Have you already written the summary or something?
  40. iNPUTmice also; jingle filetransfer doesn't send <success/> once the file is received. ie it doesn't terminate the session
  41. Link Mauve Oh, when I did interop tests with my SleekXMPP 234 implementation I didn’t find that issue.
  42. iNPUTmice and last time i checked jingle file transfer wasn't sending proxy-activated when using s5b proxies
  43. iNPUTmice but those two bugs i didn't do too much digging in
  44. iNPUTmice Link Mauve, are you the sleekxmpp dev?
  45. Link Mauve No, but poezio is my main client.
  46. Link Mauve I also plan on adding Jingle capabilities to my game engine, for match negociation.
  47. Link Mauve And it happens to be written in Python.
  48. Link Mauve iNPUTmice, which version of Gajim did you test, btw?
  49. Link Mauve Try latest 0.16 if you haven’t.
  50. arune iNPUTmice: hi ☺
  51. iNPUTmice i tried rc1 and i confirmed that the code looks the same in svn