Gajim - 2014-07-22

  1. Zerwan' hello, a friend of mine is using poezio, and he tolds me that he receives everything I send with gajim as raw xhtml, is that normal ?
  2. mathieui possibly
  3. mathieui if you use OTR
  4. mathieui and text formatting
  5. mathieui and if the html formatting inside the OTR payload isn’t valid xhtml
  6. mathieui (which is, from what I know of the rich-text-to-html results of gajim, fairly possible)
  7. Zerwan' we tested with and without OTR, it doesn't seem to change anything
  8. Zerwan' basically we observe two things:
  9. Zerwan' 1) if i send some special characters to him like "<", he gets &lt;, same for </br> etc
  10. Zerwan' 2) if he sends raw text with html written by hand, gajim parses it
  11. Zerwan' thus if he sends &lt; i get "<"
  12. Zerwan' it looks like my gajim always considers everything as xhtml, either when sending or receiving :(
  13. mathieui with OTR, it is the normal behavior, mostly because the spec sucks and I am too sane to write an OTR plugin for poezio that tries to magically parse horrible html
  14. mathieui but without OTR, I’ve never seen that issue and it seems really weird to me
  15. mathieui maybe you could get debug logs?
  16. Zerwan' ok, i'll do some more tests, maybe I didn't disable otr correctly
  17. Zerwan' if i can reproduce yet again, i'll provide logs of course
  18. Zerwan' ok, tested again, you're right: this only happens with OTR enabled
  19. Zerwan' i was mistaking with my set up for the first tests
  20. mathieui no problem
  21. mathieui (the issue with html entities in otr is that I have no way of knowing if the sender wanted to say &lt; or <, as the spec only says that « messages can be html »)
  22. Zerwan' right, i get the problem x)
  23. Zerwan' thanks for your explanations :)
  24. mathieui Zerwan', but if your contact has a development version of poezio, the otr plugin should try to decode every message as html first
  25. Zerwan' he's using poezio git on archlinux
  26. mathieui ok, weird, I should run some more tests with gajim
  27. Zerwan' poezio 0.8.3-dev more precisely
  28. Zerwan' and he receives raw xhtml when I use special formating or special characters with OTR