Gajim - 2014-07-18

  1. NetMoose Hi Tell me how to correctly add support microblog in gajim. Microblog sends formatted messages in xhtml. Do I need to patch support xhtml-im in gajim or need to write a plugin similar to the plugin for ? Until now, I did not have to write anything for gajim. Therefore, references to good practices of similar work are very welcome. Thank you.
  2. Darlan NetMoose, open a new ticket at
  3. slav0nic hi, privacy rules was removed from gajim?
  4. dicson no
  5. 0xAFFE slav0nic, first menu item, then the second last, chooser you account and there the 3rd entry
  6. slav0nic tnx, a little bit confused with rus. translation)
  7. 0xAFFE hmm, why cant gajim display this char: (
  8. 0xAFFE it seems it does not even make it into the the cat, because it displays a box with 4 zeros
  9. 0xAFFE ups, typo was not intented, but seems to good :D