Gajim - 2014-07-15

  1. karrar
  2. karrar what do you guys suggest?
  3. karrar is this dangerous??
  4. Dr. Watson Tin foil hats! Only $0.99 each! Grab yours today!
  5. arune I'd be suspicious if I were in Syria...
  6. Dr. Watson arune, I wouldn't feel good living in Syria these days... I don't like explosives
  7. Dr. Watson Why does it take so long for python-gnupg to generate a 1024 bit rsa key?
  8. Link Mauve Probably because your OS has a poor entropy source?
  9. Dr. Watson Maybe...
  10. Dr. Watson I should generate my keys on a raspberry pi. That's a cheap thing and it has a buit-in hardware random number gen
  11. Dr. Watson which should generate loads of entropy
  12. GreenBlood OR, you netcat /dev/random between devices ! Sounds great, right ?
  13. Dr. Watson What is that about? What do I need to do in detail?
  14. GreenBlood Don't listen to me, really, don't
  15. Dr. Watson What I've read is that you can read a few random bytes from the raspberry and put it into your pc's prng to improve the internal state and therefore the randomness of the output
  16. GreenBlood Good way to get entropy is to compile something
  17. GreenBlood like a kernel, as it doesn't need anything else thant the code itself
  18. Dr. Watson Compiling the same kernel over and over again... doesn't that give me the same random values every time?
  19. Dr. Watson But there are many kernel versions to compile
  20. GreenBlood I don't ... think doing the same thing twice gives the same randomness, but I may be wrong
  21. Dr. Watson I should really get myself a raspberry pi, just because they're awesome!
  22. GreenBlood I have one, its pretty cool. I should reinstall it tho, juste to clean all my mess
  23. Dr. Watson Give me root access to it and I'll administrate :D
  24. GreenBlood How nice of you, you really seems legit :D
  25. Dr. Watson I think I'll get a few of those eventually for different tasks. One file server, one web server, one mysql server, you get the idea
  26. GreenBlood Yeap
  27. Dr. Watson Because I found out while playing with the raspi of a friend, that a webserver is easy going for the pi, but not much on top of that.
  28. Dr. Watson see ya! account("pvtlth").logout()