Gajim - 2014-07-10

  1. derleguan3 Hello
  2. derleguan3 with gajim 0.16 rc2 I get an error when using it with atlassian hipchat. It seems to occur when certain messages are recieved.
  3. derleguan3 The gajim bugtracker seems to want a login to report bugs and I ound no way to create one.
  4. derleguan3 Here is the Traceback:
  5. derleguan3 Traceback (most recent call last): File "src\", line 116, in on_status_icon_left_clicked File "src\", line 428, in on_left_click File "src\", line 440, in handle_first_event File "src\", line 1748, in handle_event File "src\", line 4597, in __init__ File "src\common\", line 315, in get_first_contact_from_jid KeyError: u''
  6. aidecoe hello
  7. aidecoe derleguan3, the registration page is somewhere there. I happened to me that I have found it once and registered. :-)
  8. aidecoe s/I h/It h/
  9. aidecoe Asterix, how to reach the registration page? :-)
  10. Asterix no registrtion link is disabled because of spam unfortunatly
  11. aidecoe hm, so how new users are supposed to file tickets?
  12. Asterix derleguan3, if you restart Gajim, does it work?
  13. aidecoe e.g. derleguan3
  14. Asterix I have no solution for the moment. captcha and spam filter don't help that much unfortunatly
  15. aidecoe huh, captcha is no longer useful?
  16. Asterix spammers passes it
  17. derleguan3 Asterix, no the problem is permanent.
  18. aidecoe ah, spammer are people, too…
  19. derleguan3 It might be that hipchat makes some uncommon stuff, but then I guess there shouldn't be an error message for each such error. They come like a normal message with the tray icon blinking and if you had gajim running for a while a lot of these errors can pile up and you have to handle each.
  20. Asterix derleguan3, it seems you receive an invitation from a groupchat there, am I right?
  21. derleguan3 Maybe some developer is interested in testing it with hipchat?
  22. derleguan3 Yes, but that gets shown whenever I connect.
  23. Asterix you're right, I think there is something odd, but Gajim should not crash
  24. Asterix you know how to reproduce?
  25. derleguan3 Well I am not sure. I just am trying.
  26. derleguan3 I remember always getting a message about an invitation which I declined. Maybe only then does it crash.
  27. derleguan3 right now I connected and didn't get the invitation
  28. derleguan3 Yesterday I upgraded from rc1 to rc2 and the problem appeared, so I thought that had somethink to do with it.
  29. derleguan3 well, right now the problem doesn't occur. I can join rooms and I don't get asked about invitations. I'll retry during the day to reproduce.
  30. Asterix what would help debugging the error would be to have the XML logs that produce the error
  31. derleguan3 You mean from the message history.I can't find them. I disabled and re-enabled the account and the history window doesn't show any recordings.
  32. Asterix no, from the XML console
  33. Asterix actions -> advanced -> XML console
  34. derleguan3 ok, found it
  35. derleguan3 so I'll see if the error occurs again
  36. derleguan3 and send you that output. Maybe I'll be able to provoke it.
  37. derleguan3 l8er
  38. lordvan hi
  39. lordvan Asterix, I am just testing 0.16 rc2 with filetransfers ;)
  40. Asterix derleguan3, thanks!
  41. Asterix lordvan, nice
  42. lordvan on my work pc with windows i occasionally still have the problem that my gajim says success and the other end pidgin aborts at like 92% or something
  43. lordvan but i will test later on my linux box too
  44. derleguan3 I found another one while testing: 1. the tray icon is blinking, 2. I change my status to logged out, 3. I double click the tray icon, 4. it's an invitation and I decline it. Yields the following error:
  45. derleguan3 Traceback (most recent call last): File "src\", line 1698, in on_response_no File "src\", line 4620, in on_no File "src\common\", line 2908, in decline_invitation AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'send'
  46. derleguan3 because I'm disconnected there is nothing in the xml console
  47. derleguan3 I just tried (but no error/crash occured): 1. provoke invitation message (thats by closing and joining again the chatroom in the hipchat client), 2. disconnect, 3. re-connect and then double click the blinking tray icon and decline the invitation.
  48. Asterix derleguan3, ok I'll fix this one. Thanks
  49. derleguan3 np. I'll get back to you if I see the other one again. No luck so far. Maybe it'll occure if I forget about it, so it can surprise me :)
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  51. arune The cert for really needs to be fixed, money issue?
  52. Asterix arune, it's a cacert certificate, and it's not trusted anymore unfortunatly
  53. arune :(
  54. v1ct0r for me ther is no need to have big certificate trusted by big companies ...
  55. v1ct0r except if you are a bank
  56. Zash Asterix: Have you considered publishing DANE records?
  57. Asterix I haven't yet looked at what DANE is to be hoonest
  58. Zash You put fingerprints of your certs in DNS (with DNSSEC).
  59. Asterix ha, sounds quite easy
  60. Asterix browsers support that?
  61. Zash Not yet
  62. Asterix ha, so not really usefull them ...
  63. Asterix ha, so not really usefull then ...
  64. Zash Doesn't hurt either
  65. Asterix no, sure
  66. Zash You'll impress the few who installs plugins for it ;)
  67. Asterix except it's one more thing to manage when updating certs ...
  68. Zash on the other hand, shiny green YES