Gajim - 2014-07-09

  1. aidecoe hello o/
  2. aidecoe if a successive message is received, then Gajim reports urgent (makes window title/bar blinking)
  3. aidecoe BUT
  4. aidecoe if a first message is received, it doesn't
  5. aidecoe is it either a bug or is there a config option i am missing?
  6. Asterix aidecoe, Hi
  7. Asterix Thant should be the oposite
  8. aidecoe no, no!
  9. aidecoe it's ok
  10. aidecoe it should be both
  11. aidecoe :-)
  12. aidecoe i really need that urgent, because i don't use popups
  13. Asterix yes right
  14. Asterix on first message message roster should blink
  15. aidecoe Asterix, but does it report "urgent" to window manager?
  16. aidecoe i've got a single mode window
  17. aidecoe tray icon disabled and when new event arrives: show notification
  18. aidecoe Asterix, so it's a bit more complicated then single line quick fix. I guess I should file a ticket, shouldn't I?
  19. aidecoe btw, I really like Gajim for its single window mode and that it doesn't require systray support. It's really usable with tiling window manager. :-)
  20. Asterix aidecoe, if you try with non-single window mode, does it work correctly?
  21. aidecoe Asterix, could you send me a priv message?
  22. Asterix so it seems to be only for private messages
  23. aidecoe Asterix, ready in 3 s
  24. Holger Is the date format used for chat messages configurable?
  25. Holger Other than by modifying LC_TIME, that is?
  26. Asterix Holger, yes in ACE
  27. Asterix Advanced Configurtion Editor
  28. Holger Then I didn't use the correct search times. I'll look again, thanks.
  29. Holger "time_stamp". Sounds obvious once you found it :-) Thanks again.
  30. libertyhackers hi
  31. v1ct0r hi
  32. Dr. Watson hi
  33. v1ct0r i have a problem with gajim and mod proxy65 for file trnsfert
  34. v1ct0r i use prosody xmpp server
  35. v1ct0r file transfer wirk from pidgin to pidgin
  36. v1ct0r but not fro pidgin ti gajim
  37. Dr. Watson What is mod proxy65?
  38. v1ct0r
  39. v1ct0r It allows the server to proxy file transfers between 2 clients that are behind NAT routers or firewalls, and otherwise wouldn't be able to transfer files.
  40. Dr. Watson Oh I see, it's a prosody thing. I just went into Gajim's plugins and looked for it there...
  41. Dr. Watson I'm not sure if that is the same as BOSH servers but that's in the account settings I believe.
  42. v1ct0r the thing it is th&at it work with pidregin
  43. v1ct0r pidgin
  44. v1ct0r no it is not bosh and iy is in the advanced configuration
  45. Dr. Watson So you only want to proxy file transfers?
  46. v1ct0r yes
  47. Dr. Watson In the advanced config editor there are account specific settings called "use_ft_proxies" which toggles it on or off, and "file_transfer_proxies" where you can tell Gajim which proxies to use. try that out.
  48. v1ct0r it is what i have do
  49. Dr. Watson you've done that? well, I have no idea then...
  50. Asterix v1ct0r, do you have XML logs when you try to send a file?
  51. v1ct0r i have open the xml console
  52. v1ct0r there is nothing
  53. v1ct0r oups
  54. v1ct0r i have not open the good console
  55. v1ct0r so iremade a test
  56. v1ct0r http://conference.libertygb2nyeyay.onion:5280/pastebin/38970b32-ac8d-4692-b695-4e0dd458f14f
  57. v1ct0r oups
  58. v1ct0r <!-- Out --> <iq xmlns="jabber:client" to="shasu@libertygb2nyeyay.onion/116f411c-0bf2-443b-8947-4edaa37ea55f" type="set" id="GPRN8DLBQVXYCS02"> <si xmlns="" profile="" id="GPRN8DLBQVXYCS02"> <file xmlns="" name="test2.txt" size="5"> <desc /> <range /> </file> <feature xmlns=""> <x xmlns="jabber:x:data" type="form"> <field var="stream-method" type="list-single"> <option> <value></value> </option> <option> <value></value> </option> </field> </x> </feature> </si> </iq> <!-- In --> <iq id='GPRN8DLBQVXYCS02' type='result' to='v1ct0r@libertygb2nyeyay.onion/Gajim' from='shasu@libertygb2nyeyay.onion/116f411c-0bf2-443b-8947-4edaa37ea55f'> <si xmlns=''> <feature xmlns=''> <x xmlns='jabber:x:data' type='submit'> <field var='stream-method'> <value></value> </field> </x> </feature> </si> </iq> <!-- Out --> <iq xmlns="jabber:client" to="shasu@libertygb2nyeyay.onion/116f411c-0bf2-443b-8947-4edaa37ea55f" type="set" id="id_GPRN8DLBQVXYCS02"> <query xmlns="" sid="GPRN8DLBQVXYCS02"> <streamhost host="" jid="v1ct0r@libertygb2nyeyay.onion/Gajim" port="5000" /> <streamhost host="fe80::6e71:d9ff:fe70:6bff%wlp3s0" jid="v1ct0r@libertygb2nyeyay.onion/Gajim" port="5000" /> <streamhost host="" jid="v1ct0r@libertygb2nyeyay.onion/Gajim" port="5000" /> <streamhost host="" jid="v1ct0r@libertygb2nyeyay.onion/Gajim" port="5000" /> </query> </iq> <!-- In --> <iq id='id_GPRN8DLBQVXYCS02' type='error' to='v1ct0r@libertygb2nyeyay.onion/Gajim' from='shasu@libertygb2nyeyay.onion/116f411c-0bf2-443b-8947-4edaa37ea55f'> <error type='cancel' code='404'> <item-not-found xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/> </error> </iq> <!-- In --> <message id='purpledfb7f633' type='groupchat' to='v1ct0r@libertygb2nyeyay.onion/Gajim' from='liberty@conference.libertygb2nyeyay.onion/shasu'> <body>j&apos;ai accepté</body> </message> <!-- In --> <message id='purpledfb7f635' type='groupchat' to='v1ct0r@libertygb2nyeyay.onion/Gajim' from='liberty@conference.libertygb2nyeyay.onion/shasu'> <body>ça a pas l&apos;air d&apos;avoir marché</body> </message> <!-- Out --> <message xmlns="jabber:client" to="liberty@conference.libertygb2nyeyay.onion" type="groupchat" id="605"> <body>oui mais j'ai capté les stanzas au passage</body> </message> <!-- In --> <message id='605' type='groupchat' to='v1ct0r@libertygb2nyeyay.onion/Gajim' from='liberty@conference.libertygb2nyeyay.onion/v1ct0r'> <body>oui mais j&apos;ai capté les stanzas au passage</body> </message>
  59. v1ct0r re
  60. v1ct0r sorry
  61. v1ct0r So, it seems that the parameter of advanced configuration "file_transfert_proxies" is not taken considered by gajim
  62. v1ct0r oh asterix is log out :(
  63. Dr. Watson Just in case v1ct0r reads this some day: I found three local IPv4 addresses in your XML log and one IPv6 which I can't tell what it is. So maybe your problem is that the one sending the file can't do that because of the local ip addresses which are not accessible from the web
  64. libertyhackers Dr watson, yes i know
  65. libertyhackers it is because we arein a hidden service
  66. libertyhackers and it was why we mmust use proxy65
  67. libertyhackers client2client direct correction can't work inside hidden service
  68. libertyhackers but using proxy we can make
  69. libertyhackers client <=>proxy <=> client
  70. libertyhackers and it is working with pidgin
  71. libertyhackers so the matter is that in spite of i have configured gajim to use my hidden proxy
  72. libertyhackers gajim don't use it and make client to client direct connection
  73. Dr. Watson That is probably a Gajim's issue.
  74. libertyhackers i think yes
  75. Dr. Watson Do you have an account on
  76. libertyhackers no
  77. Dr. Watson Well, you know, because of spam protection reasons you cannot create a new account.
  78. libertyhackers now i know :)
  79. libertyhackers so
  80. libertyhackers ?
  81. Dr. Watson We had this a few weeks ago. Everyone was looking for that damn register link on the website until Asterix came and told us.
  82. Dr. Watson But I don't know what you can do now.
  83. Dr. Watson #7805
  84. bot Dr. Watson: (ACE value "file_transfer_proxies" doesn't seem to work properly)
  85. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7805 (ACE value "file_transfer_proxies" doesn't seem to work properly) created Bug description Proxying file transfer isn't working. XML log: ​ Steps to reproduce Use Gajim via Tor and try to send a file through a proxy server. Software versions OS version: Fedora / Gajim 0.15.3 GTK version: n/a PyGTK version: n/a
  86. Dr. Watson @devs enjoy :D
  87. Dr. Watson I need to go!
  88. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7805 (ACE value "file_transfer_proxies" doesn't seem to work properly) updated server xmpp = prosody v 0.9. configured as a hidden service in the Tor Network and mod proxy65 activate on the prosody server -- the 2 client are configured to use the proxy