Gajim - 2014-07-08

  1. crow friend and i are using gajim 0.5.14, but he see my msg double, what could this be?
  2. crow i have had this friend two time with same name (jabber name was different) and gajim did send msg twice to (one which was online)
  3. crow is that normal?
  4. Asterix crow, 0.5.14 is not a Gajim version ...
  5. Asterix crow, could you open a XML console to see if message is sent twice?
  6. crow Asterix, sorry ma bad Help -> Info -> Gajim 0.15.4
  7. crow Asterix, i deleted second conntact, but i can add it again to try if it will happen
  8. Asterix you have twice the same jid in your roster?
  9. crow Well friend forget password from his account, he setup new with same "Name" as peronal information, i just did accept it and click OK without thiniking that it will be twice
  10. crow so i have one online and one offline account from friend
  11. crow the friend get my messages twice until i deleted old user
  12. crow Asterix, i can not reproduce it, maybe it need to be confirmed conntact
  13. Asterix if it's not the same JID, there is no reason he receives your message twice
  14. crow it was not same JID but it was same name on my List
  15. Asterix that should not matter
  16. crow until i did not delete his old JID (with same Name) he resived double msg
  17. crow now i can not reproduce it.
  18. Asterix that would be nice to see if Gajim sends it twice, but as you cannot reproduce, hard to guess what happens
  19. crow well (you type to late) :)
  20. Dr. Watson Hello guys! I am curious if there is a way for my android (cyanogenmod) device to support zeroconf. I have a webserver in my local network and want to access it with my phone. But typing "hostname.local" dowsn't work in firefox for android... Any ideas?
  21. Dr. Watson That are not may ideas, well...
  22. Dr. Watson And by the way I might have found a bug / security related issue with Gajim. dbus-launch gave me complete jids from you guys. Is this intentional?
  23. jarlaxe Hi everyone, I would need some help about ssl certificates in gajim (v.0.15.4-2). Here a thread posted on archlinux forum where I give the details:
  24. Dr. Watson jarlaxe, one question: Does it work without the cert? (but with the cacert one)
  25. jarlaxe Dr. Watson, it just gives me the alert, but (seems to) encrypt the conversations anyway.
  26. Dr. Watson Let me tell you what I've read about the cacert issue.
  27. jarlaxe ok
  28. Dr. Watson cacert is one of those ssl cert providers. You can let them sign your ssl cert after they found out that you are the guy you're pretending to be. Most people don't trust cacert's verification methods. So the ssl cert of cacert is not trusted by most computers by default. And that leads to error messages like you had.
  29. Dr. Watson Most applications warn you that the cert can't be trusted, but for the most part they can use it anyway to encrypt stuff.
  30. jarlaxe ok. Indeed the heartbleed issue raised some shields. Newbie question, how do I let the cert provider sign my cert ? If I let keep go through from the message, it just complains the next time
  31. Asterix jarlaxe, I don't know the certificate chain, but if there is a self signed cet in the chain you can't do nything except leve this server or trust it
  32. Asterix jarlaxe, cert handling has been improved in 0.16-rc2 if you want to test it
  33. Asterix Dr. Watson, the jids are fake JIDs right?
  34. Dr. Watson I saw holger's jid in clear: holger@some.subdomain.tld
  35. Dr. Watson and not the muc style
  36. Asterix in which stanza?
  37. jarlaxe Asterix, "except leave this server or trust it", does it contradict the Dr. Watson's purpose ?
  38. Asterix Dr. Watson, no, if you trust cacert, you can trust the server, if you don't trust cacert leave the server (and probably leave the internet 'cause many websites uses cacert)
  39. Holger Dr. Watson: It can obviously not be a security issue in Gajim, as the case is already lost if a local process running with user privileges *has* the information you're trying to hide. Anyway: what's my JID? :-)
  40. Dr. Watson Well, I find it difficult to translate my complex ideas and knowledge into English without making some mistakes. Sorry
  41. jarlaxe And I shall try the 0.16-rc2, if it brings improvements on this issue.
  42. Dr. Watson Holger, you want me to post it here or via pm?
  43. Holger Dr. Watson: Just post it.
  44. Dr. Watson if I remember correctly
  45. Holger That's an email address of mine, not my JID. Probably from my vCard.
  46. jarlaxe Dr. Watson, perhaps we could help translating your thoughts though
  47. Dr. Watson Holger, that might be true. I think it happened while updating the roster / muc list
  48. Dr. Watson Well, never mind.
  49. Dr. Watson jarlaxe, I think you should read those things yourself in the internet. Then I don't tell you something wrong.
  50. jarlaxe Dr. Watson, never mind. So, what should I do to accept the cert ? (or leave this jabber server)
  51. Dr. Watson But it would be a server / protocol issue and not a gajim related thing. Whatever...
  52. Dr. Watson jarlaxe, do it. I tried to get a ssl cert for a domain I don't own and couldn't get one.
  53. Dr. Watson Can someone please turn that rain off?
  54. jarlaxe Dr. Watson, so would this server be flawed ?
  55. 0xAFFE Holger, Dr. Watson: not just probably, it is in your vcard.
  56. Holger It's in my vCard for sure, and that's probably where Dr. Watson got that information from :-)
  57. Dr. Watson jarlaxe, I don't think so. Some attacker would have to break in the admin's email account or catch the verification mail on its way.
  58. Dr. Watson Which is not very likely
  59. jarlaxe Ok then. Now, I don't see the way to accept the certificate. One had been accepted, but still the message remains
  60. Dr. Watson I think you have to add it to the system wide trusted list.
  61. jarlaxe so, from openssl commands. Ok, I go for it.
  62. jarlaxe does anyone knows if the 0.16-rc2 version is available on Archlinux ? I find only the 0.15 in extra, and a gajim-hg v.15457.46f319807a21-1 in AUR.
  63. Dr. Watson see ya
  64. Jarlax I have set the notifications, but I don't get any on received messages
  65. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #95 (GPS features) created Sort roster contacts by distance (distance on the globe), from where user is. Prompt to notify other contacts that you are near them (coordinates will be sent as message). Kelly is located 10 kilometers from you Would you like Gajim to send your location to Kelly?
  66. rekado Hi, I'm developing a pubsub service and use gajim to test it. I found that service discovery is rather slow when there are many pubsub nodes (maybe because gajim requests disco#info for all nodes).
  67. rekado Is someone working on this topic? If not, I'd like to see if I can make this work a little better.
  68. Asterix rekado, Hi, nobody is working on that part for the moment
  69. Asterix but any patch is welcome
  70. Asterix but we do disco to know that action we can do on it I think
  71. rekado Asterix, I see. I'll just take a look at the code to see if there's something obvious that could be done to improve performance somewhat.
  72. Asterix ok thanks you. Patches are always welcome!