Gajim - 2014-07-06

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  3. afics !version
  4. Dr. Watson Good evening, folks! How's it going?
  5. Funatiker Hey, can I run Gajim on a Mac?
  6. Dr. Watson Funatiker, I am almost sure. Mac should be able to execute python scripts and to work with GTK.
  7. Funatiker Dr. Watson, thank you so much. Do I need any dependencies to run it?
  8. Dr. Watson I guess there are some, but I don't know which in detail.
  9. Funatiker oh there is an article
  10. Dr. Watson Maybe I can find out. Let me see...
  11. Dr. Watson That looks like a good way to start with. And maybe you can run Gajim out of a command line to find missing dependencies.
  12. Funatiker That's gonna be fun
  13. Dr. Watson Have a lot of fun! I'm out!