Gajim - 2014-07-01

  1. Dr. Watson Is there a mail service which looks for unencrypted incoming mails and encrypts them with my gpg key?
  2. Link Mauve Isn’t that a possible security hazard?
  3. Link Mauve You would give your hoster both your unencrypted emails and their encrypted version.
  4. GreenBlood and the private key, for encrypting.
  5. Dr. Watson Well, no I give them my public key and I have to trust the provider (but the mails stored are encrypted)
  6. Dr. Watson You know, I want to prevent the unencrypted mails that someone sends to me to be encrypted and then stored on the server.
  7. Dr. Watson Two thoughts got mixed up in one sentence. I'll try again
  8. Link Mauve Ok, I see what you mean.
  9. Link Mauve That ould be interesting indeed.
  10. Link Mauve That would be interesting indeed.
  11. Dr. Watson I think Lavabit was such a provider. But you all know what happened to it
  12. Link Mauve Yeah. :(
  13. Link Mauve I run my own mail server, so I don’t have such issues.
  14. Dr. Watson Let me hacj your server and read all your mails (I won't but you get my point)
  15. Dr. Watson I would start such a project myself if I had the money and time.
  16. Dr. Watson Maybe this is something similar to what I am looking for:
  17. Link Mauve Dr. Watson, let me hack your laptop and use your private gpg key to read all your mails. :p
  18. Dr. Watson Bring it on! I'd love to report security issues to my linux distro of choice!
  19. Dr. Watson I guess you are currently on your best way into my system because you already know that I'm using a laptop :D
  20. Dr. Watson How fast can one crack an encrypted private key with a long password?
  21. Link Mauve I have no idea.
  22. Link Mauve My only guess is, faster if you are a government agency than if you are me.
  23. Dr. Watson Of course. But I am aware that life is always dangerous and ends deadly for the most part. That isn't any different in the internet. Well, I think I should go now. See you!
  24. Link Mauve See you. \o_