Gajim - 2014-06-29

  1. md Asterix: please please please can you help me to bisect my authentication problem with hg gajim?
  2. Asterix md: Hi
  3. md Asterix: do you remember what I am talking about or do you need a summary?
  4. Asterix md: yes sure. Tell me which gajim / nbxmpp version you use and we'll go up
  5. Asterix you cannot connect to one of your accounts
  6. md the latest hg tree
  7. md yes, and nothing is logged
  8. Asterix gajim_0.16 branch?
  9. md yes
  10. Asterix have you tried rc1 tag?
  11. Asterix gajim-0.16-rc1
  12. md no, let me try
  13. md "hg update gajim-0.16-rc1"?
  14. Asterix hg up -r gajim-0.16-rc1
  15. md I get lots of "TypeError: decoding Unicode is not supported" stack traces and it does not connect to any account
  16. Asterix ok use the 46e9c8c80bac version of nbxmpp with it
  17. md Asterix: great! this one works with all accounts
  18. Asterix ok. now could you try to update gajim to latest rev in 0.16 branch?
  19. md it's the one that I was using before and that is broken
  20. md or do you mean that gajim with the older nbxmpp?
  21. Asterix yes, update only gajim
  22. md Asterix: everything works
  23. Asterix ok so it's nbxmpp that has problem
  24. Asterix could you try this patch:
  25. md on top of 46e9c8c80bac or of the latest revision?
  26. Asterix on top of latest rev yes
  27. md Asterix: all accounts work, BUT apparently the gnome-keyring support is broken because I need to type the passwords. I am gettings these messages on the console (once for each account): Gkr-Message: received an invalid, unencryptable, or non-utf8 secret Gkr-Message: call to daemon returned an invalid response: (null).(null)()
  28. Asterix re-run Gajim once again to see if you still have the problem?
  29. md no, this time it connected automatically (and I did not check "save the password" last time)
  30. Asterix sometime I also have this gnome keyring issue too. I don't know what it is
  31. Asterix so with my latch and latest gajim all is ok?
  32. md yes
  33. Asterix perfect!
  34. md Asterix: BTW, there is another issue that probably is a couple of years old at least: my account is unable to connect to, if I try to list the rooms I get " is not a groupchat server". My other account works, but I manage and I have not idea about why it does not work
  35. Asterix I can browse from my gajim account
  36. Asterix I'll create an account there to test
  37. md you cannot, I had to disable registrations due to spam
  38. Asterix ha ok
  39. Asterix so could you create me a test account?
  40. Asterix indeed ...
  41. Asterix you're the owner of the server?
  42. md yes
  43. Asterix could you "host" from the server?
  44. md first thing I tried, it's
  45. md and it responds to pings
  46. Asterix and what's your server software?
  47. Asterix prosody?
  48. md ejabberd 2.1.10 (from debian/stable)
  49. Asterix and do you see something in your logs?
  50. Asterix it seems you have an ipv6, so ipv6 is used, not ipv4
  51. md a long erlang stack trace that I have no idea about what it means :-) let me copy it...
  52. md I can reach your server over IPv6 as well
  53. Asterix Jun 29 17:14:38 s2sinf38bf70 info incoming s2s connection> complete
  54. md
  55. Asterix erlang is chineese for me :/
  56. Asterix you should ask to ejabberd conference
  57. Asterix md: patch is in latest nbxmpp rev
  58. md Asterix: confirmed, it works. thank you a lot, as usual!
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  60. mister hi... I've found a bug and want to file a ticket, but this page: gives me "Error: Forbidden" because I am not logged in... but on the login page I cannot see any way to create a login for myself, no link, no nothing ;-)
  61. mister there is a real possibility that I am just blind ;-) but I still cannot file the report ;-) some ideas?
  62. mister ... or any... for that matter...
  63. Asterix indeed because of spam it's disabled.
  64. Asterix :/
  65. mister ok, so can I just describe the bug here?
  66. Asterix give me a username and an email
  67. mister and someone with a login can create the ticket?
  68. Asterix and a password im pm
  69. mister username: mister (if occupied then: "snilek" or "kolobezec")
  70. mister email:
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  72. Dr. Watson Does google talk support s2s encryption?
  73. Dr. Watson Because I could not see the status of a gtalk buddy anymore for quite a while. Gajim says: "Server-to-server connection failed: error communicating with the remote server"
  74. lordvan no it does not
  75. lordvan Dr. Watson, that is why i use spectrum with xmpp gateway for gtalk/g+ contacts
  76. Dr. Watson what is spectrum?
  77. lordvan Dr. Watson, i assume it hasn'T been working since mandatory xmpp s2s encryption day
  78. lordvan a transport (for icq, aim, yahoo, msn, skype, ..)
  79. lordvan of course if you use a server that does not require s2s encryption you are "fine" too
  80. SouL Dr. Watson, a game
  81. Dr. Watson seems to require it and I won't complain about that.
  82. lordvan lol looks like he gave up talking to his gtalk friends ;)
  83. Dr. Watson Nope, it is actually my own account. If I want to use gtalk over xmpp (for OTR encryption reasons) then I'll just login with that fancy google account
  84. Dr. Watson My internet sucks. It shuts down every 30 seconds and needs about the same amount of time to get back up
  85. Dr. Watson And I don't even get a feedback if I actually wrote a message or if it disappeared between me and the internet
  86. Dr. Watson In Germany the politicians are fighting about whether or not to force e2e encryption in emails and chats
  87. Dr. Watson by law I mean
  88. Dr. Watson see ya