Gajim - 2014-06-28

  1. NebuK heho
  2. NebuK Asterix, appearantly result.getTag('forwarded', namespace=nbxmpp.NS_FORWARD) yields no return value...
  3. NebuK trying to find out how to print all the elements under a resulting stanza.getTag(...)
  4. NebuK mhh
  5. NebuK yes, it seems that the <result> for the MAM has no kids Oo
  6. NebuK i believe that result.getTag('forwarded') should rather be self.stanza.getTag('forwarded')? as the result is <result id='206417' xmlns='urn:xmpp:mam:tmp'/> only -- <forwarded ...> isn't contained in the result
  7. NebuK and yes, with that it works
  8. Asterix NebuK: according to XEP-313, fowarded is inside result:
  9. Asterix NebuK: so your XML doesn't follow the spec correctly
  10. Asterix and my prosody module works correctly. Maybe you don't have a recent enough prosody module?
  11. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7803 (Cannot see version of installed emoticons package in options dialog) created Bug description If an emoticons package is installed and will get replaced by a later version, the user doesn't see in the options dialog whether he already has that new version or not. This is caused by the fact that something like "version number" is not[…] • Changeset [15479:f38e5fd4f8e3]: updated he[]
  12. NebuK Asterix, that could be...
  13. NebuK Asterix, agreed -- updated prosody modules, works
  14. Asterix ok nice!
  15. Asterix thanks for the tests
  16. NebuK ;)
  17. NebuK now for MAM on another client
  18. NebuK only one client supporting mam is ... useful, but not enough
  19. Link Mauve I’ve heard Bluejab IM does support it.
  20. Link Mauve Or you could use two Gajim.
  21. NebuK well, gajim on android ... ;0
  22. NebuK i'll try to implement it in yaxim
  23. NebuK bluejab isn't foss, right?
  24. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7803 (Cannot see version of installed emoticons package in options dialog) updated Hi, Are you talking about the emoticons pack plugin? or a emoticon pack a user would have put manually in ~/.local/share/gajim/emoticons/ ?
  25. Link Mauve NebuK, no idea, I just heard that name.
  26. NebuK ah, k
  27. NebuK looks like it though
  28. NebuK Asterix, ping -- you there?
  29. Asterix Yep
  30. NebuK now that MAM works right, i'm wondering where i'd need to start searching if i wanted to build a configuration variable that allows the user to choose whether or not he'd like to be notified on a new, previously unseen MAM message
  31. NebuK so i was wondering whether you might be able to give me a few pointers so i can search more efficiently?
  32. Asterix how exactly do you want to be notified?
  33. Asterix just a message "you got a new message from X" ?
  34. NebuK as if the MAM-ed message were a regular "live" message
  35. Asterix the line where we really save le mam'ed message is: gajim.logger.save_if_not_exists(with_, direction, tim, msg=msg_txt, nick=nick) in arround line 1129
  36. Link Mauve NebuK, aren’t you confusing MAM with Carbons?
  37. NebuK Link Mauve, nops
  38. NebuK Asterix, yes, i'm reading that function atm ;0
  39. NebuK i was also looking for where "normal" messages are handled
  40. Asterix the type of message is not important with MAM
  41. NebuK yes, my idea was to look at processing of normal messages, as they're treated as 'new' messages with notification. i want to do the same for MAM-ed messages, so i might have been able to cargocult from there
  42. Asterix ha, normal like that. For me normal are message of type normal ;)
  43. Asterix then you should have a look at Notification event
  44. NebuK haha, sorry ;0
  45. Asterix line 2193 in connection_handlers_events
  46. NebuK uhm ... lines don't seem to match with the version i have here (src from debian repositories...) -- which class and function?
  47. NebuK ah, probably NotificationEvent.handle_incoming_msg_event?
  48. Asterix class NotificationEvent
  49. Asterix yes that's it
  50. NebuK okay ... then i now have some reading to do -- thanks
  51. Asterix good luck
  52. NebuK thank you ;D
  53. Asterix The best thing would be to write a plugin