Gajim - 2014-06-27

  1. campey Anyone able to admin trac? My user account seems to be gone (perfectly possible, it's probably been 8 years since I used it) could someone help me to recreate it. username: "campey"
  2. Maranda Anyone in the house, are there any known issues with caps into 0.16-rc?
  3. Maranda Gajim seems to be unable to validate client caps
  4. asteroid hi
  5. asteroid i'm looking for python-farstream source ... I do not find it. Can anyone help me
  6. asteroid ?
  7. Link Mauve asteroid, it’s included in the farstream sources.
  8. asteroid haaaa I thank about that. Thx Link Mauve
  9. Link Mauve asteroid, actually it was in 0.1, nowadays (0.2) it doesn’t have any python-specific binding.
  10. asteroid ha
  11. Link Mauve Instead, it uses gobject-introspection to provide bindings for many many programming languages.
  12. asteroid ok, that explain how jingle it's not enable
  13. Link Mauve Since Gajim still uses Gstreamer 0.10, you have to use Farstream 0.1 as well.
  14. asteroid ok
  15. asteroid I use 2 versions of gst : 0.1 and 1 (it's possible to use the 2 in //). So, to enable jingle, I need farstream 0.1. I use gajim-0.16rc1 of course
  16. Link Mauve Yes.
  17. Link Mauve Gajim won’t use Gstreamer 1.x.
  18. asteroid so there is a missword in the "fonctionality" windows : when we click on audio/video support, on the description, it writes : need python-farstream, and may be written just "farstream-0.1" imho
  19. asteroid thx Link Mauve for info
  20. Link Mauve Maybe it got separated in Debian.
  21. asteroid I do use debian, slackware
  22. asteroid Link Mauve, there is version which seems to be a pre-release for the 2.x branches : the 0.1.91. Did you try it ? Or may I use the 0.1.2 one ?
  23. Link Mauve I have no idea, but it works here with 0.1.2.
  24. rhn hello
  25. rhn does Gajim currently support gnome-keyring?
  26. Link Mauve Yes, since quite a lot of time.
  27. rhn Link Mauve, thanks. I thought it might have been dropped, because it doesn't work since I switched to Fedora
  28. Link Mauve I don’t think so.
  29. mathieui (Link Mauve, le mail)
  30. Link Mauve Maybe you don’t have the required packages, but I have no idea what they could be, aside from gnome-keyring.
  31. rhn Link Mauve, the problem is I'm using Gajim over ssh. every once in a while, gnome-keyring integration breaks
  32. rhn I made several versions of a script that sets environment correctly, but this time Gajim doesn't even make a warning...
  33. rhn fixed: missing package was gnome-python2-gnomekeyring
  34. rhn thanks for help Link Mauve!
  35. Darlan Karrar, may I ask hwich of the followings did you file in Position field of your vCard? a. KARRAR b. KARRAR / KARRAR / KARRAR / KARRAR
  36. Darlan If (a) then there is some bug in Gajim, I guess.
  37. Karrar name:[ ] nickname:[ ] only
  38. Darlan I will post a screenshot of your vCard from my end.
  39. Karrar ok
  40. Karrar It's because of using gajim, but it is not a big deal to me..
  41. Darlan
  42. Darlan I am from AQ department of Gajim ;-)
  43. Darlan I am from QA department of Gajim ;-)
  44. Karrar Darlan, how about now? I've fixed it but still have no idea why copied..
  45. Karrar I do not think it as a big idea to care about since it happened only with me.
  46. Darlan Karrar, now it is good.
  47. Darlan I care for every bug. I am here because I want Jabber/XMPP to be popular and I find Gajim to be the most suitable XMPP client for this important mission.
  48. Darlan Karrar, how did this bug occur to you?