Gajim - 2014-06-22

  1. greenblood close
  2. greenblood damn
  3. Asterix NebuK: Hi
  4. Link Mauve lordvan, NebuK, Asterix is here.
  5. Asterix indeed I'm sorry I'm not online so often :/
  6. Link Mauve I rewrote my JingleFT implementation in SleekXMPP btw, I’ll retry interoperability with Gajim in a few days.
  7. lordvan ah hi
  8. lordvan seems like a good time for some xml logs
  9. Asterix Link Mauve: ok nice! only IBB?
  10. Link Mauve Currently yes.
  11. lordvan since the person i have problems sendint files too is online too :D
  12. Link Mauve My next transport will be 177 (raw UDP), because I need it for my game.
  13. Asterix Link Mauve: ok :)
  14. Link Mauve And only then, perhaps, s5b.
  15. Asterix Link Mauve: ok, so really not for now. but let's hope that'll come !
  16. Link Mauve I aim for just a few days. :p
  17. Asterix lordvan: jingle FT fails, that's your problem?
  18. Link Mauve I’m currently trying to fix session termination, and I still have no content/transport replacement implemented in 166.
  19. Asterix ha we have that. we fall back from s5b to ibb if necessary
  20. Link Mauve Or directly ibb if the other participant doesn’t support s5b, I don’t have that either yet.
  21. lordvan Asterix, well FT fails
  22. lordvan duno if jingle or not
  23. lordvan i just did a test and have xml log from gajim
  24. Asterix Link Mauve: yes of course but that's not transport replacement in this case
  25. Link Mauve Yeah.
  26. Asterix lordvan: ok nice, could you post it?
  27. Link Mauve I started with the simplest combinaison, and still have many edge cases failing.
  28. Asterix if you want
  29. lordvan Asterix, is it ok if i censor the jids? (of course in a way so you know who is who)
  30. lordvan btw
  31. lordvan i have some extra stuff before an after it seems
  32. lordvan ah never midn i leave taht
  33. Asterix lordvan: yes no pb with that. just be carefull to keep resources (or do correct replacement)
  34. lordvan i shall just cencosr the jids never mind resources ;)
  35. lordvan or rather the other end of the conversation
  36. lordvan no point in censoring mine, i don't care ^ ^
  37. lordvan meh there's some muc stuff in there
  38. lordvan ^ ^
  39. lordvan I am just removing the Facebook contact stuff since that is clearly not related
  40. Asterix yep thanks
  41. Asterix will be easier to read if there is no spam :)
  42. lordvan well from what i can tell there is just some muc stuff left and a few presence thigns
  43. lordvan
  44. lordvan Asterix, the odd thing is: my gajim says 100% success .. other end: 47% cancelled by sender
  45. lordvan ..
  46. lordvan very odd
  47. lordvan same thing just now again when i tried to send to my wife (who uses gajim 0.16-rc1 on windows)
  48. Asterix and md5sum is ok or not?
  49. lordvan what do you mean
  50. lordvan it got aborted afaik not saved anything
  51. lordvan the file i sent to my wife ( a jpeg) is there about half way
  52. lordvan then some artifacts, green lines and grey)
  53. lordvan afk a few mins
  54. NebuK Asterix, hi
  55. NebuK uhm ... can you re-send your 2nd email regarding that mam bug? it got eaten by spamassassin
  56. Asterix lordvan: it's not a jingle FT, it's a notmal SI FT. You use your proxy on your server, you activate it, then the reste is direct between Gajim and the proxy, so nothing in XML logs :/
  57. Asterix NebuK: I sent a mail?
  58. Asterix wasn't it a comment in trac?
  59. lordvan back
  60. lordvan hm
  61. lordvan that sucks
  62. lordvan Asterix, but
  63. lordvan i did turno n debug logging on my (prosody) server for the duration of the file transfer
  64. lordvan lemme see
  65. lordvan that is odd
  66. lordvan Asterix, nothing about completion or failure
  67. lordvan lemme ask in prosody channel
  68. Asterix lordvan: sender see 100%?
  69. lordvan yes
  70. lordvan i always see 100%
  71. lordvan just the receiver not
  72. lordvan and not just that one
  73. lordvan very odd
  74. lordvan Asterix, btw i can do another transfer between my gajim on linux and my wife's on windows if that helps you in any way
  75. lordvan for some reason btw i can recevie file transfers from people most of the time
  76. Asterix and if your wife sends you a file?
  77. lordvan let me test
  78. lordvan that worked
  79. lordvan this is driving me rather nuts
  80. lordvan ^ ^
  81. lordvan Asterix, how do i see if it is a jingle FT or another one?
  82. lordvan <query xmlns='' ?
  83. Asterix no, <si xmlns=""...
  84. Asterix this is not jingle
  85. lordvan k
  86. lordvan well my wife just sent me womething
  87. lordvan but
  88. lordvan that went through local network ..
  89. lordvan lol
  90. lordvan that is why that worked
  91. lordvan but my client connects to my server through vpn
  92. lordvan so taht doesn'T offer local ip but vpn ip
  93. lordvan Asterix, any way to change what is preferred file transfer method maybe?
  94. Asterix Gajim uses jingle if both clients supports it
  95. Asterix your wife uses 0.16-RC1 ?
  96. lordvan yes
  97. Asterix strange
  98. Asterix rc1 has jingle
  99. Asterix so it's supposed to be used
  100. lordvan would it maybe help getting xml logs on both clients?
  101. Asterix anyway when you send, it seems you send everything to your proxy
  102. Asterix the problemn seems to be between proxy and receiver
  103. Asterix but maybe receiver received everything, just that Gajim don't correctly count
  104. Asterix lordvan: no, it'll be the same
  105. Asterix NebuK:
  106. Asterix NebuK: it seems you correctly get the messages but Gajim doesn't store it in history, right?
  107. lordvan Asterix, well the last thing i sent was saying that i cancelled at 41.7%, but the file (some catalyst linux pdf document) is working and complete
  108. Asterix ok so the problem is only that Gajim doesn't say it's complete while it is
  109. lordvan yes, but the problem with pidging seems to be different
  110. lordvan Asterix, that reminds me
  111. lordvan at some point it said something along the lines that it seems like the file was supposed to be for someone else, but if it should be kept anyway
  112. lordvan and the file was fine
  113. lordvan btw
  114. lordvan Asterix, did you see this?:
  115. Asterix yep I saw it. are you able to repro that?
  116. lordvan let me restart gajim from xterm
  117. lordvan brb
  118. lordvan Asterix, just reproduced it
  119. lordvan it comes up whenever i try to send a file
  120. lordvan it just gave this error:
  121. lordvan File Transfer error The file .. has been fully received, but it seems to be wrongly received. Do you want to reload it? Yes/No
  122. Asterix ok
  123. Asterix this is when you receive a file then?
  124. lordvan and also her client crashed now
  125. lordvan no i sent
  126. lordvan that is the part that is confusing me
  127. lordvan want the trace?
  128. Asterix you sent and you see this message "The file .. has been fully received" ???
  129. lordvan no
  130. lordvan my weife gets the error
  131. lordvan wife
  132. lordvan btw
  133. lordvan hm got another error too now
  134. lordvan
  135. lordvan Asterix, i looked at the code and am not surprised at the Socks5ReceiverClient attribute error
  136. lordvan though i had not looked at the 2nd one that i got just now
  137. lordvan Asterix, btw the other client is Pidgin 2.10.9 (libpurple 2.10.9)
  138. Asterix wow I have problem following you
  139. lordvan that last one was unrelated to the error sorry
  140. Asterix I thout you sent to your wife with Gajim rc1
  141. lordvan yes
  142. lordvan that was the first log
  143. lordvan i mixed it now
  144. Asterix haaaa that's why it's not jingle
  145. lordvan yes
  146. Asterix hard to follow you. the traceback you show was when sending to Gajim or pidgin?
  147. lordvan the one from the crash or the "no attribute" ones?
  148. lordvan actually all the tracebacks are from gajim to gajim
  149. lordvan btw completely unrelated now: gajim does not like html formatted messages from pidgin much : 06/22/2014 22:38:42 (W) gajim.htmlview Unhandled element 'font'
  150. Asterix it's just a warning
  151. Asterix this one: from wich version of Gajim to which version?
  152. lordvan gajim 0.16-rc1 both
  153. lordvan from linux to windows
  154. Asterix ok, and if you can repro, could you get XML logs?
  155. lordvan the one with no attribute 'proxy' definitely
  156. lordvan the other one i have to test
  157. lordvan xml log from sending or receiving one? (the traceback is from sender)
  158. lordvan Asterix, the error with missing "send_file" attribute seems to be from when gajim crashed on my wife's pc so not easy to reproduce
  159. lordvan more of a chance thing :(
  160. Asterix one at a time. the logs with the mising proxy attribute
  161. lordvan yes
  162. lordvan ok got xml log
  163. lordvan for the "proxy" attribute error
  164. Asterix good
  165. lordvan my wife got this error again: The file Fahrplanauskunft Animagic 2010 SBahn spätere Züge details.pdf has been fully received, but it seems to be wrongly received. Do you want to reload it?
  166. Asterix This is a bug in RC1
  167. Asterix and it's fixed now
  168. Asterix will be ok in rc2
  169. lordvan nice
  170. lordvan got an eta? ^ ^
  171. Asterix there is still something I need to do in nbxmpp ... shouldn't be too long
  172. lordvan ah ok
  173. lordvan cool stuff
  174. Asterix NebuK: if you want to debug, the problem seems to be when you receive the message. This part is in the diff, in
  175. Asterix NebuK: around line 1083
  176. Asterix lordvan: you'll show me the log another day. Time to sleep for me
  177. lordvan Asterix, same here
  178. lordvan i gotta work tomorrow too ^ ^
  179. Asterix ok GN then
  180. lordvan thanks for your time
  181. lordvan nite ;)