Gajim - 2014-06-20

  1. lordvan argh .. i missed Asterix .. ah well
  2. Link Mauve He told me to tell you to send him your XML logs.
  3. Link Mauve As I told you before. ^^
  4. Link Mauve And he will be available only during the evening today.
  5. lordvan ok ;) i will do what i can still from looking at the code it looks like a bug (using a not defined attribute ;))
  6. lordvan gotta go now back later
  7. lordvan btw the transfer problem is with Pidgin 2.10.9 (libpurple 2.10.9) on the other end
  8. Link Mauve It’d be really interesting to have the XML logs with that Pidgin, and one with some other client.
  9. Link Mauve Oh btw, Pidgin probably handles only the old SI-based file transfer protocol, while Gajim handles both SI and Jingle.
  10. lordvan no clue tbh
  11. lordvan Link Mauve, i will see if i can get some logs later -- a pain @ work on windows
  12. lordvan btw right now it is working here so i am confused
  13. lordvan on windows here now though
  14. NebuK heyyas
  15. NebuK can anybody tell me whether its possible to have gajim xml-log to a file or to stdout?
  16. Link Mauve Not that I know of, but that could be quite helpful.
  17. Link Mauve Have you got a trac account yet?
  18. NebuK u
  19. NebuK h
  20. NebuK the anti spam fun on your trac is broken
  21. NebuK Asterix, should you come around, please consider this my reply to the MAM trac ticket:
  22. NebuK also, the captcha i am asked for to submit that comment ... doesn't appear. i have this "your comment might be spam" warning box, below a "Submit Result" button, but no captcha in between Oo
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  24. NebuK not much point in asking, but ... is there somebody at GPN/Karlsruhe/Germany/Europe?
  25. lordvan what is gpn?
  26. lordvan actually wait a minute with telling me. rebooting ;)