Gajim - 2014-06-19

  1. lordvan Hi
  2. lordvan i am having trouble with file transfers (sending not receiving atm)
  3. lordvan anyone here who knows about it? -- i get an error on the console i ran gajim from
  4. Link Mauve Give the error, and XML logs if possible.
  5. lordvan ah hey Link Mauve
  6. lordvan yes first let me pastebin the error
  7. Link Mauve You can paste it here, AFAIK.
  8. lordvan ah
  9. lordvan never mind already pasted:
  10. lordvan tbh this seems like a bug
  11. lordvan i could not see self.proxy in the Socks5 class
  12. lordvan nor in Socks5ReceiverClient
  13. Link Mauve Yes, probably.
  14. Link Mauve Tell Asterix once he’s here.
  15. lordvan Link Mauve, the "funny" part is that my wife can send from her gajim 0.16-rc1 on windows
  16. lordvan to mine on linux
  17. lordvan what time does he tend to get here (since i do not know what timezone he is in)
  18. Link Mauve Are you running 0.16-rc1 as well?
  19. lordvan yep
  20. lordvan on gentoo
  21. Link Mauve Try latest hg.
  22. Link Mauve Maybe he fixed that already.
  23. lordvan meh hg
  24. lordvan ^ ^
  25. lordvan lemme read the source :D
  26. Link Mauve He’s French, so CEST currently.
  27. lordvan ok so same as me
  28. lordvan (timezone not french )
  29. Link Mauve Just clone the latest trunk. :o
  30. lordvan browses svn on web
  31. lordvan i am not particulary well versed in hg ^ ^
  32. Link Mauve The command to clone it is `hg clone <URL>`.
  33. lordvan k
  34. lordvan but i just looked at the source
  35. lordvan well
  36. lordvan it seems it still is like that
  37. Link Mauve here is a small guide.
  38. lordvan searching for self.proxy
  39. lordvan first gives me something in Socks5Sender class
  40. Link Mauve And there is no svn on the web, for Gajim. :p
  41. lordvan then using it in Socks5Receive
  42. lordvan there is
  43. lordvan
  44. Link Mauve This is hg.
  45. lordvan yes but svn browser
  46. Link Mauve Err, svn doesn’t have changesets looking like 15471:0e4a570e500b.
  47. lordvan i only told you what the link said
  48. lordvan
  49. lordvan Repository To checkout hg do hg clone gajim You can also browse SVN repository.
  50. lordvan ^ ^
  51. lordvan i thought it was just cloned
  52. lordvan anyway
  53. lordvan the only mentions of that attribute are defining in one class, but trying to use in another
  54. lordvan actually there are quite a few changes to 0.16-rc1
  55. Link Mauve Now that I just reimplemented file transfer in SleekXMPP, I should test interop again with Gajim.
  56. Zash and Swift!
  57. lordvan i tried with conversations (on android) and one time the client crashed
  58. lordvan the other it did not work
  59. Zash Which version of Jingle FT is Gajim doing?
  60. Link Mauve Latest, AFAIK.
  61. lordvan wonders if there is a gajim hg ebuild
  62. lordvan hm there are a few
  63. Link Mauve Zash, does Swift depend on Qt4 or Qt5?
  64. Zash I seem to be on 4.8.1
  65. Link Mauve It seems to include <QApplication> instead of <QtGui/QApplication>.
  66. Zash Tho Swift doesn't implement the latest Jingle FT yet
  67. Link Mauve Ah.
  68. Zash but it uses the latest namespace :/
  69. lordvan there are different FT versions?
  70. lordvan great ^^
  71. lordvan anyway afk a bit - gotta make some food ;)
  72. Zash Not only that, but entirely different specs.
  73. lordvan brilliant ..
  74. Link Mauve Zash, I haven’t yet implemented anything but basic single file transfer, so it should work, perhaps.
  75. Zash Link Mauve: As in, it implements the :2 protocol but uses the :3 namespace.
  76. Link Mauve That’s probably what I do as well.
  77. Link Mauve Or maybe :1 or :0. :D
  78. Zash Conversations implements :3
  79. Link Mauve With multi-files and everything?
  80. Zash No idea
  81. Zash There's no UI for it afaik
  82. lordvan Zash, if you mean ui for multi file transfer on conversations (on android): no i didnT' see anything
  83. lordvan btw
  84. lordvan i also didn'T find how to join muc on conversations ..
  85. lordvan gotta look some more ;)
  86. Zash You type the room into the search box
  87. lordvan hm didn'T work for me .. but maybe it was #twitter@...
  88. lordvan you know the spectrum2 thing
  89. lordvan tbh i like the idea of OSS and working file transfer
  90. lordvan but i don't like the UI
  91. lordvan Holo that is
  92. lordvan or whatever it is called
  93. lordvan it mentions holo but not sure if that is what makes it look like hangouts
  94. Zash It asks if you are trying to join a conference if you click add contact on the conference jid
  95. Zash a bit weird
  96. lordvan yes weird
  97. lordvan from an UI point of view i prefer xabber tbh
  98. lordvan also didn'T crash on me as often
  99. Zash xabber looks like crap to me
  100. Zash too much clutter
  101. lordvan well but i like my contact list sorted by groups
  102. lordvan conversations just shows everything in alphabetical order
  103. lordvan and i haven'T found a way to only show online ones either
  104. lordvan that said i only tried it yesterday
  105. Zash That's by design
  106. lordvan but i want to see at one glance who is onlien and who not
  107. lordvan and as you daid the muc joining is odd
  108. lordvan said
  109. Zash lordvan:
  110. lordvan I think gajim dislikes pidgin somehow: 06/19/2014 13:44:02 (W) gajim.htmlview Unhandled element "font"
  111. lordvan Zash, hmm
  112. lordvan well i get what he means
  113. lordvan but i would really like just a quick indication (for the sake of disabled by default) of who is actually online
  114. lordvan ;)
  115. lordvan Zash, i agree with this:
  116. Zash That's like half of the core of XMPP.
  117. lordvan what do you mean
  118. Zash Extensible Messaging and *Presence* Protocol
  119. Zash lordvan: Of the android clients I've tried, I like Yaxim the most
  120. Zash At least as the UI
  121. lordvan haven'T tried yaxim in a while
  122. lordvan Zash, :D
  123. lordvan maybe i'll have a look again
  124. lordvan does it support muc, otr and file transfer?
  125. lordvan (and carbons would be nice)
  126. Zash nope nope nope yes
  127. Zash There's a beta with MUC
  128. Zash and it has Carbons
  129. lordvan Zash, btw i talked to one of the xabber guys a few weeks back they apparently had problems with some dev(s) leaving ,.. but are working on a new version - with better ui- again
  130. Zash and smacks
  131. lordvan nice
  132. lordvan Zash, btw i think xabber does sht weird - maybe todo with smacks or carbons
  133. lordvan sometimes i get an empty message back right after i send something
  134. lordvan but the other one did not send anything
  135. lordvan but whatever
  136. lordvan i mean that is a minor annoyance
  137. Zash Error bounce?
  138. lordvan duno it is just empty line
  139. lordvan what i find annoying is xabber muc
  140. lordvan i mean it looks like everything is from the room itself and no list of participants
  141. lordvan well i gotta go for a bit
  142. lordvan Link Mauve, if you see the Asterix or what the guy was called feel free to link him the pastebin link
  143. lordvan or is there a bot to do that?
  144. lordvan anyway i'll be bakc later
  145. lordvan Zash, if java wasn't like one of my less liked languages i might try to write my own client for android but well
  146. lordvan (or take an open source one and change it ;))
  147. lordvan re
  148. lordvan Link Mauve, has the Asterix been here while i've benn gone?
  149. Link Mauve No, I told poezio to tell it though.
  150. Link Mauve No, I told poezio to tell him though.
  151. Link Mauve lordvan, btw, you can probably write an Android client in another language than Java.
  152. lordvan probably
  153. lordvan but i like python you see
  154. Link Mauve Kivy (and thus Python) could be a good candidate.
  155. lordvan and i doubt that is a good idea
  156. lordvan hm
  157. lordvan porting gajim? lol
  158. lordvan that'd be cool but a major task methinks
  159. Link Mauve I don’t know anybody who tried to make a different interface for Gajim.
  160. lordvan a console one would be nice
  161. lordvan - I did use imcom before i switched
  162. lordvan i ran imcom on my server in a screen
  163. lordvan ;)
  164. Link Mauve Have you tried poezio yet?
  165. lordvan not yet
  166. lordvan it'S on my list though
  167. lordvan ;)
  168. Link Mauve UI-wise it’s the best client I’ve ever used.
  169. lordvan Link Mauve, advertising the competition here? :D
  170. Link Mauve There is no competition when everyone uses the same protocol. ^^
  171. lordvan well
  172. lordvan there is on the client side ;)
  173. lordvan and in fact also between different servers haha
  174. lordvan poezio reminds me of irssi
  175. lordvan i guess that is on purpose though
  176. mathieui more like weechat
  177. lordvan not used that
  178. Dr. Watson how do i change the priority numbers globally for all my accounts in the config?
  179. Dr. Watson manually in the advanced settings is how i did it
  180. Link Mauve Asterix: lordvan wanted to tell you:
  181. Asterix hmm how did the tb occured?
  182. Asterix NebuK: you're the guy that posted a comment about XEP-313?
  183. Link Mauve I think he was sending a file.
  184. Asterix XML would help debugging to know which stramhost was used :/
  185. Link Mauve Heh, I told him, but he insisted on debugging it himself.
  186. Link Mauve Also didn’t want to test on hg.
  187. Asterix ok :/
  188. Link Mauve But well, he’ll be there tomorrow probably.
  189. Asterix I can't be online before the evening unfortunatly
  190. Link Mauve I’ll relay your message. :)
  191. Asterix hehe thanks :)
  192. Dr. Watson Asterix, where did the bot go?
  193. Asterix gone to the toilet, he is arrving ;)
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  195. Dr. Watson that's cool! will he stay for a while?
  196. Dr. Watson anyways, I'm gonna go now, see you!
  197. Asterix it shouldn't go away without asking, but you know ... bots are not what they was ... :)
  198. Asterix GN