Gajim - 2014-06-16

  1. Oxayotl Hi people. I have a bug with Gajim, and I thought it would be a good idea to ask here how to get more info so I can make a better ticket afterward.
  2. NebuK aha! so you also want to reply to (or create) a ticket for gajim
  3. NebuK i'm too dumb to find the register link on the trac ... maybe you can help me? :D
  4. Oxayotl yeah, I will look into it after I get enough info to make a proper ticket
  5. Oxayotl The problem is with my GPG keys, Gajim consider it never has the right password from it. From the log, I think the problem comes from file “/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/”, the function “handle_status” treats the status message “PROGRESS” as an error
  6. Oxayotl it seems to me it should not be treated as “the password is not the right one”, but rather as “we have not finished working on this”
  7. Oxayotl not sure though
  8. Oxayotl So, NebuK, what is your problem with creating a ticket? I tried, I connected to my old trac account, then clicked on “New Ticket” near the upper right corner, and this seems to work.
  9. Oxayotl oh, sorry, you need the register link
  10. NebuK ah yeah ..
  11. Oxayotl I already had an old account, let me see if I can find the register link
  12. NebuK old trac account -> to me it looks like registration is ... like ... closed?
  13. Dr. Watson I had that problem before. A already registered guy (not an admin) created one for me. No clue why or how that worked
  14. NebuK oh, ok
  15. NebuK who to ask? :D
  16. Dr. Watson I am looking for a register button at the moment.
  17. Oxayotl me too, I cannot find one
  18. Oxayotl and does not work
  19. Oxayotl anyhow, does anyone have any idea about my bug?
  20. Dr. Watson Which version of Gajim do you use?
  21. Asterix Oxayotl : I just replied to your mail
  22. Asterix registration is closed due to spam :/
  23. Oxayotl Gajim 0.15.4. Which mail ?
  24. Asterix ok it's not yours :)
  25. Asterix someone just asked on the ML how to create an account
  26. Oxayotl I guess it must be NebuK, he/she is the one looking to register
  27. Oxayotl I have my old account
  28. Oxayotl I am just here for this GPG “PROGRESS” problem
  29. Asterix yep probably
  30. Asterix Oxayotl : but for you GPG issue, yeah it must be a bug in gnupg:
  31. Dr. Watson I'd like to test if I can reproduce the bug
  32. Oxayotl the thing is, even if it is a bug in GPG, I am not sure why Gajim tells me my password is wrong when GPG answer PROGRESS
  33. Oxayotl and I have no idea how to use GPG directly, and hence how to make a good bug report
  34. Asterix no idea how to do that. the gpg agent seems to return progress because it's too busy to tell us if the key is the correct one. But I don't know how is Gajim supposed to handle that. Re-ask later? we are clocked until we know if it's the correct pw
  35. Asterix Oxayotl : Gajim, IIRC, just check if it's OK or not. Here it's not OK, it's in progress, so it trests it as it's wrong
  36. Oxayotl I would like to be able to get it to re-ask later, if only to check if the problem is that GPG is taking too long, or if GPG is just blocked and always answering PROGRESS…
  37. Dr. Watson GPG has a command line interface. You can test your password by signing a string. Example is in progress of being tested.
  38. Oxayotl I tried gpg -se -r Alice but it complained about Seahorse/Gnome Keyring interfeering…
  39. Asterix yes but until we re-check we cannot log to our XMPP account
  40. Dr. Watson On my Linux machine, I typed into the command line "gpg --clearsign" and typed "Test". After that I hit the Enter-key and pressed Ctrl+D to tell GPG that I'm done. Then you are probably going to be asked for your password. On a windows machine you might be able to do the same but you have to press Ctrl+Z instead of Ctrl+D (I couldn't test it though)
  41. Dr. Watson That's how you can test your password
  42. Dr. Watson One of probably many ways
  43. Oxayotl maybe show a pop-up saying “Do you wish to wish to continue connecting without GPG or wait for GPG to finish”…
  44. Oxayotl Dr. Watson, same problem as before : gpg: WARNING: The GNOME keyring manager hijacked the GnuPG agent. gpg: WARNING: GnuPG will not work proberly - please configure that tool to not interfere with the GnuPG system!
  45. Oxayotl it did work, though :
  46. Oxayotl -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Opeozpezpo -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iEYEARECAAYFAlOe+2sACgkQjeDv3ihImp17JgCeKXr/SLhPkv784o9u+ZDj8998 8ywAn2TofXzMLDqvHmAeErc+u6TTUSsL =P0q+ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
  47. Dr. Watson Well, go to your account settings in Gajim and go to the tab "Personal info" (or similar). Tell me if you checked the "Use GPG thingie" (sorry for the mitaked, I'm using the German translation)
  48. Asterix thingie => Agent
  49. Dr. Watson Thanks
  50. Dr. Watson Is that checkbox checked? That is my question
  51. Oxayotl I tried both with and without it before
  52. Oxayotl same problem happens
  53. Oxayotl Gajim tell me that the password is wrong
  54. Dr. Watson So the problem seems to be that GPG agent and Gnome Keyring don't work together. Any ideas?
  55. Oxayotl except that the message with the GPG agent checked in is “ERROR” rather than “PROGRESS”
  56. Oxayotl interesting, I had forgotten to check that
  57. Asterix gnome keyring probably acts as a gpg agent
  58. Dr. Watson is asking the search engine of choice
  59. Dr. Watson Is it the same problem as described in #7797 ?
  60. Dr. Watson Since our bot disappeared, I have to provide the links manually:
  61. Dr. Watson This link can be found in the ticket:;a=commit;h=b896fccaada0caf1987eb95ac99dd6b4ca609c4b
  62. Oxayotl let me give this a look
  63. Dr. Watson is just doing his homework on that problem and has no clue how to fix it yet
  64. Dr. Watson Seems like the status message was just implemented and Gajim / python-gnupg doesn't handle it correctly just yet. Not sure about that
  65. Oxayotl well, I guess that would explain why it does not work when the GPG agent support is not checked
  66. Oxayotl and when it is checked, the bug is with Gnome-Keyring
  67. Oxayotl naughty Gnome-Keyring!
  68. Oxayotl no idea how to fix/gather info for a bug report on Gnome-Keyring, though :(
  69. Dr. Watson I don't use gnome, but maybe you can find a way to tell Gnome's Keyring not to act as GPG agent (if that's the problem)
  70. Oxayotl I think it will mess up GPG support in Evolution :(
  71. Dr. Watson Oxayotl, why do you use two different XMPP clients?
  72. Oxayotl Dr. Watson, what do you mean?
  73. NebuK Oxayotl, haha, nop, that was not me asking ;0
  74. NebuK but i'll watch that thread
  75. Oxayotl I have been using Empathy a bit because I had bugs with Gajim, but now I want to deal with those bugs and go back to full Gajim
  76. Dr. Watson Oxayotl, what is evolution then? I thought it would be a xmpp client.
  77. Oxayotl Evolution is an email client
  78. Oxayotl kind of an Outlook clone, I guess, but I have never used Outlook
  79. Dr. Watson Oh, I see.
  80. Oxayotl it is Gnome's official email client
  81. Dr. Watson Ok, got it. I'm out!
  82. b_b hi
  83. b_b got a question about irc contacts
  84. b_b i'm trying to add nickserv@freenode to my contacts
  85. b_b but i get a message telling me that i need to be connected to the gateaway to make this
  86. b_b but...
  87. b_b i'm currently logged on freenode ^^
  88. b_b does anyone have a clue about this ?