Gajim - 2014-06-14

  1. azrael hi! i'm using gajim on archlinux, built from hg yesterday. on startup, a popup requests to report an error "could not import gst"
  2. NebuK heho
  3. NebuK i've just patched 0.16~rc1-1 from your debian repositories with the "mam3.diff" from
  4. NebuK on its first start, in xml console it looked like it queries all archived messages ever, which is okay
  5. NebuK but then i made a test -- i set a 2nd client online, set gajim offline, let someone write something to me, then set gajim online again
  6. NebuK i can find that message neither in the history browser, nor does it appear in the chat window
  7. NebuK how should that functionality work...?
  8. NebuK from (at the very bottom) it looks like it should sync on start ... right?
  9. guybrush88 just got this error message while upgrading to nightly with rc1 open:
  10. Asterix guybrush88: you removed iconset files .. Gajim tests its existnce on startup, not every second ...
  11. guybrush88 Asterix, thanks for your answer
  12. Asterix np
  13. Asterix thanks for the tests
  14. Asterix but this one will be closed as wontfix. Upgrading Gajim while it runs isn't a very good thing
  15. Asterix sounds logical, no?
  16. guybrush88 yeah, it's logical :P
  17. guybrush88 i forgot to close it, so when i saw the error message i decided to report it in the tracker
  18. Asterix no problem with that, it's here for that!
  19. Asterix it's better to report something that we close after than not reporting an important error
  20. guybrush88 yeah, generally i tend to report any strange behavior or any error message for any software
  21. guybrush88 so that nothing serious will be missed
  22. Asterix about #7799, it seems database is corrupted. Is it possible that you switched to nightly and then come back to rc1?
  23. guybrush88 nope, that was before upgrading to rc1
  24. Asterix ti nightly you mean?
  25. Asterix to nightly you mean?
  26. guybrush88 yes
  27. guybrush88 my bad :P
  28. guybrush88 then i tried to install 0.15.4 and i got the same error
  29. guybrush88 and i fixed the issue by launching 'mv ~/.local/share/gajim/logs.db ~/logs.db.backup'
  30. Asterix ok. This just mean that database is corrupted. There is nothing to do except removing it and loose your logs :/
  31. Asterix as you did
  32. guybrush88 that wasn't a great problem for me, since i didn't have nothing serious in there
  33. Asterix the problem is why has it been corrupted :/
  34. guybrush88 probably shutting down the computer not in a proper way?
  35. Asterix that maybe be a reason
  36. Asterix but sqlite is suppsed to be safer than that
  37. guybrush88 i think it's the most likely, considering that generally i tend to shut down the computer without following the procedures (yes, i know it's very wrong to do that :P)
  38. Asterix ok you know it, that's a good start ;)
  39. Link Mauve That also makes your appear online for the next half hour, btw.
  40. Link Mauve Just fyi.
  41. Asterix until server understand that you're no more connected (as you didn't closed the TCP connection)
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  60. aman yes it is
  61. Dr. Watson Sorry for me spamming in here. I am a little annoyed and will hopefully be able to stop now
  62. Link Mauve Asterix, what is missing for the release of 0.16, btw?
  63. Asterix Hi,
  64. Asterix not that much, let me think ... the recent tooltip things
  65. Asterix I have a small diff about jingleFT (to close our port as soon as we know we won't use it)
  66. Asterix I also have diff in nbxmpp to support py2 and py3 in the same branch
  67. Asterix there are curently errors with isinstance(str) for example
  68. Link Mauve Ok.
  69. md Asterix: with the latest hg tree I am still unable to login to one of my accounts, which uses a very old ejebberd. can you help me to bisect this bug?