Gajim - 2014-06-10

  1. albi HI, is there a way to sync client read state. When I use 2 clients simultaneously and I read message (activate windows) in one client, othe client should remove notification. Is there a XEP for that?
  2. Zash There's XEP-333 that claims to do that, but I don't understand how.
  3. Zash I would have went with guessing based on chat states and receipts
  4. albi Zash, thanks. xep333 is not supported by clients yet I think. Am I right?
  5. Zash I believe in + + and guessing.
  6. Zash Conversations claims support for 333
  7. Link Mauve pvtlth: “sudo echo” is so funny. :D
  8. pvtlth Whaaat?
  9. pvtlth It was about writing to that file not about echo itself
  10. Zash Raising Elephants Is So Utterly Boring!
  11. pvtlth Yeah I know about that
  12. pvtlth That's where my idea came from
  13. Zash But sudo echo is still silly and wrong
  14. pvtlth It didn't work out with that command when I tried it (on a live system)
  15. pvtlth Just for your information: I am going to change my account because Gajim keeps complainig about my provider's changing ssl cert. I am no longer reachable as pvtlth. My new account will be seen as Dr. Watson. See you soon!
  16. Dr. Watson And there wo go! I'm back!