Gajim - 2014-06-04

  1. michalxo Asterix - my second output of hang..
  2. pep. is it me or there's a problem with the ssl certificate on (http)
  3. pep. firefox won't let me access the website, and I can't choose to trust it
  4. pep. weird, works with chromium
  5. pep. Ah, I have httpseverywhere on firefox
  6. pep. (and I cannot use http unless I deactivate it ><)
  7. Zash Do you have the root certificate?
  8. pep. hmm, if it's not default on Archlinux I don't have it
  9. pep. ok, let me install the package
  10. Zash It's not default anywhere AFAIK
  11. pep. hmm, AUR package installed but I still have the same error
  12. dicson pep., do not works for me(firefox and chrome)