Gajim - 2014-06-03

  1. pvtlth Hello, guys! I just want to make sure I am not going paranoid for no reason. But everytime I connect to I get a warning by Gajim saying the ssl cert has changed. It seems that there are two fingerprints alternating each time. Does Gajim log these kinds of errors by itself or do I have to force it to?
  2. crow Carbon do work, if you use same gajim version eg 0.15.4 if i use branch gajim_0.16_rc1 and gajim 0.15.04 carbon do not works (or at least they did not yesterday).
  3. crow But the outgoing msg are not transfered to other gajim (should them be)?
  4. Holger crow: Works fine for me with both versions. Did you enable Carbons for both Gajims in their advanced settings?
  5. vorner Why do carbons have to be enabled anyway? Wouldn't having them enabled be better default?
  6. vorner I mean, is there reason not to want them enabled?
  7. pvtlth what is this feature of carbons about? what are these things exactly?
  8. vorner pvtlth: With carbons and multiple connected clients, you see all messages in all the clients.
  9. crow Holger, well i am using host. Have two gaim running and chating with seme person. I dont get outgoing msg in both client. I dont know if that should be done, but it what i would like to have.
  10. pvtlth vorner, Thanks
  11. Holger crow: That doesn't sound like an answer to my question :-P
  12. crow Holger, ofcourse in ACE i have carbon on server enabled (not on Local).
  13. Holger crow: It must be enabled both on the server and on the client that should receive carbon copies.
  14. Holger crow: In Gajim, carbon copies are disabled by default.
  15. crow Holger, i have two gajim 0.15.4 and on both clients the carbon is enabled for and for Local not.
  16. Holger crow: Ah right, sorry I misunderstood you.
  17. crow Holger, but i dont see outgoing message on both client, but i forgot to mention that i am using gotr and that could be the probelm.
  18. michalxo Hello! Asterix have a look here please. This is debug from the last "gajim" hang after pc was suspended and woke up on different place (network)
  19. michalxo
  20. michalxo (docked -> undocked state, but I guess it should have no connection :-/ ) Fedora 20 Gajim 0.16-rc1-46f319807a21 GTK+ Version: 2.24.22 PyGTK Version: 2.24.0