Gajim - 2014-06-02

  1. crow What i am doing wrong when trying to pipe stdout and stderr to an file when starting gajim from ternimal? gajim 2>&1 > gajim01.log does not pipe anything to a file
  2. crow ok this works: gajim > gajim01.log 2>&1
  3. crow i started two gajim with one account and enabled carbon, but it seems it does not store msg on both side.
  4. crow still i cant output normal stdout egg : /usr/share/gajim/src/ Warning: Source ID 7041 was not found when attempting to remove it gobject.source_remove(self.timeout)
  5. Link Mauve crow, you also need carbons support in your other client (if you want it to receive messages) and in your server.
  6. crow Link Mauve, other client is gajim 0.16_rc1 (this gajim 0.15.4) carbon in ACE enabled. how can i check if server supports carbon
  7. Zash A disco#info query
  8. crow Zash can you explain?
  9. crow just to write about that stdout and stderr i get it working thank for help guys from irc with this: "stdbuf --output=0 gajim 2>&1 | tee gajim02.log" i see this Warning in stdout i would guess:
  10. Asterix crow: I saw the warning recently too (probably due to a gobject upgrade ...)
  11. Asterix I have a fix locally, but it needs more testing before I commit it
  12. crow Asterix, no problem just to repot them, for me it was more problem that i could not pipe/tee stdout or stderr to a file..
  13. Asterix I usualy do gajim &> file.log
  14. crow Asterix, i used gajim & > file.log (notice space between & and >) and did not worked :)
  15. crow Asterix, only in that way you will get info in file.log after closing gajim and not while you use it
  16. Asterix ha yes, with the tee you have both, ok