Gajim - 2014-06-01

  1. Sid hey there =)
  2. SouL hi
  3. Sid i'll be back in ~8 hours ... good night - see you soon
  4. pvtlth Is there a shurtcut for starting an OTR session?
  5. Asterix hmm no I don't think so
  6. pvtlth That answers my question! Thanks a lot!
  7. Asterix a feature would be to remember that last conversation was encrypted with OTR and start it automatically
  8. pvtlth Indeed. But I have a buddy who uses different clients and not all of them are able to use OTR. And of course theý have different fingerprints.
  9. pvtlth Is there a way to have different fingerprints belonging to one buddy authenticated at the same time?
  10. Asterix I don't use OTR plugin, but I don't think it supports that
  11. pvtlth That would be a nice feature. But this might be the wrong place for OTR feature requests
  12. Zash Hiya.
  13. Zash I just tried to send a file from Gajim to Conversations and got this traceback:
  14. Zash or well, a bunch of tracebacks
  15. Asterix Zash: which version?
  16. Zash Gajim 0.16-rc1-a24816ccd98e
  17. Asterix reproducable?
  18. Zash GTK+ Version: 2.24.10, PyGTK Version: 2.24.0, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  19. Zash Seems so.
  20. Zash verbose log:
  21. Zash Sending from Conversatinos to Gajim does work tho.
  22. Asterix this should fix the traceback:
  23. Asterix diff -r a24816ccd98e src/common/ --- a/src/common/ Sun Jun 01 22:32:44 2014 +0200 +++ b/src/common/ Sun Jun 01 23:15:09 2014 +0200 @@ -282,7 +282,8 @@ streamhost_used = cand break if streamhost_used == None or streamhost_used['type'] == 'proxy': - if not gajim.socks5queue.listener.connections: + if gajim.socks5queue.listener and \ + not gajim.socks5queue.listener.connections: gajim.socks5queue.listener.disconnect() if content.getTag('transport').getTag('activated'): self.state = STATE_TRANSFERING
  24. Asterix if you could test ..
  25. Asterix but I'll read you answer tomorow, I need to slep
  26. Asterix but I'll read you answer tomorow, I need to sleep
  27. Zash Asterix: Fixed the traceback.
  28. Asterix transfer works?
  29. Zash No
  30. Asterix ok :/
  31. Asterix keep the logs so I can have a look tomorow please
  32. Asterix GN