Gajim - 2014-05-30

  1. crow Hmm its seems hier gajim-hg-15465.813f346d466b-1-i686.pkg.tar.xz cant be started at all
  2. crow with IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'/usr/share/gajim/plugins/acronyms_expander/acronyms'
  3. crow indeed there is no such file acronyms but there is that directory and these files inside " manifest.ini"
  4. crow it was clean install and before installing "gajim-hg-15465.813f346d466b-1-i686.pkg.tar.xz" there was nothing in /usr/share/gajim/ or ~/.local/share/gajim or ~/.config/gajim
  5. Link Mauve crow, plugins shouldn’t be required at all, try disabling it.
  6. Link Mauve If you can’t launch Gajim, search "plugins" in ~/.config/gajim/config and set the ones you don’t have to False.
  7. crow Link Mauve, well problem is with clean install and clean start, i dont have anything in config
  8. Link Mauve Quite strange then.
  9. crow and that /usr/share/gajim/plugins/acronyms_expander is only in hg not with 15.4-2 (archlinux version)
  10. crow and i am on changeset 15465:813f346d466b gajim_0.16 so still payhton2 should be used right?
  11. Link Mauve Asterix: two days ago I wanted to use Jingle video (against Jitsi, but Empathy and Gajim did the same), and my Gajim never sent any payload-type in the description. Jitsi doesn’t like that at all and terminates the session directly (which Gajim doesn’t handle), while Empathy and Gajim wait for more payloads.
  12. Asterix Link Mauve: What does the spec says?
  13. Asterix we have to send that?
  14. Asterix but ... Is it Gajim that sends that or farstream?
  15. Link Mauve Gajim definitely sends an empty <description xmlns='urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:rtp:1' media='video'/>.
  16. Link Mauve I don’t know where it gets that from.
  17. Asterix ok I think we do that
  18. Link Mauve The spec says “When the initiator sends a session-initiate message to the responder, the <description/> element includes all of the payload types that the initiator can send and/or receive for Jingle RTP, each one encapsulated in a separate <payload-type/> element (the rules specified in RFC 3264 [16] SHOULD be followed regarding inclusion of payload types).”
  19. Link Mauve So it shouldn’t be empty.
  20. Asterix ok, then we have to fix that
  21. Link Mauve At least I think that’s the reason why Jitsi immediately sends a session-terminate.
  22. Link Mauve Btw, is there a way to disable 198 in Gajim? I haven’t found an option in the ACE.
  23. Link Mauve Or at least hide the acks from the XML console.
  24. Asterix hmm no, no way to disable it. We shoule probably add an ACE option
  25. Asterix and no so cleaver way to filter XML console
  26. Asterix which spec is it?
  27. Asterix 166?
  28. Asterix haha !!!
  29. Asterix the XML we send: <description xmlns='urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:rtp:1' media='audio'>&lt;generator object iter_codecs at 0x7f53694713c0&gt;</description>
  30. Asterix it's why there is no payload type if jitsi can't get the iterator in our RAM ;)
  31. Link Mauve Ow. :/
  32. Link Mauve I had an empty element, without any text node inside.
  33. Asterix Link Mauve: just pushed a fix for codecs. if you want to test ...
  34. Link Mauve Thanks!
  35. Asterix in 0.16 branch, I don't know which branch you were using ...
  36. Link Mauve 0.16
  37. dicson Asterix, message is not delivered
  38. crow how is this file build? acronyms from "acronyms_expander" , here is see install is triggered but after installing and starting gajim i get msg that file is missing:
  39. Asterix the makefile installs *.py, so it doesn't install the "acronyms" file
  40. Asterix but 1/ Gajim shouldn't fail when a plugin fails
  41. Asterix 2/ plugin shouldn't fail without this file
  42. crow it should not! IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'/usr/share/gajim/plugins/acronyms_expander/acronyms'
  43. crow i am trying to do stderr and stdout to a file but seems i cant pipe it to a file, are there some python feature to start gajim with loging to a file
  44. Asterix just manually copy the file in your installed dir and that will works until we fix the problem
  45. crow Asterix, so you noted the issue not need to report?
  46. crow
  47. dicson issue for hg users only
  48. Asterix yep, this plugin is not in releases
  49. crow yea 15.4 is fine.