Gajim - 2014-05-29

  1. Maranda _ver
  2. Maranda oops
  3. Asterix Hi all!
  4. Asterix I'm finally back!
  5. michalxo Hi guys! I am getting really angry with gajim right now (for the last 3/4 of year). Whenever I change network, gajim always hangs and has to be killed
  6. michalxo how can I help you debug it? It really pisses me off... best IM for linux and unusable ;-(
  7. michalxo Gajim 0.16-rc1-46f319807a21 GTK+ Version: 2.24.22 PyGTK Version: 2.24.0
  8. dicson try start gajim from terminal and show output
  9. michalxo well.. I don't have 2 netowrks here
  10. michalxo on regular basis it's work -> home netowrk
  11. michalxo more specific what you need would be great :-)
  12. michalxo just run with --debug mode?
  13. dicson -v
  14. Asterix
  15. Asterix this is a glibc behaviour: ​
  16. Asterix installing nscd should help
  17. Asterix if so please let me know
  18. michalxo Asterix, are you answering my question? :)
  19. Asterix yes
  20. michalxo ooh, that would be great
  21. michalxo i will give it a shot
  22. michalxo thank you Asterix
  23. Asterix ok, keep me informed
  24. michalxo sure :)
  25. md are there any hints somewhere about how to make the current hg tree work? I see that it switched to python3 and I managed to start it, but I get tons of gtk-related warnings and the client is quite broken indeed (Debian/unstable here)
  26. md it looks like this bug:
  27. dicson change branch
  28. dicson gajim_0.16
  29. md dicson: now it does not start at all (beware: I do not know python at all...) File "", line 45 os.mkdir(log_path, 0700) ^ SyntaxError: invalid token
  30. dicson hg update -C gajim_0.16
  31. md dicson: yes, this is what I did
  32. dicson you can use nightly builds
  33. md dicson: but that package still uses python2
  34. dicson yes
  35. md the nightly works, except that I cannot login anymore to one of my servers (it just says "authentication failed", I cannot see anything obvious in the XML stream)
  36. dicson if not working python 2 will not work python 3. imho
  37. md I don't care about python 3, I just tried to use it because the default branch stopped working with python 2 and I have been using the default branch for almost a decade. my problem is that I cannot login to one of my accounts with the nightly, while I could before updating the hg tree
  38. dicson 0.15.4 works fine?
  39. md I do not have that one installed, but hg default updated a few weeks ago used to work with the same account...
  40. dicson maybe problem in ?
  41. dicson you can try add ANONYMOUS, EXTERNAL, GSSAPI, SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS, SCRAM-SHA-1, DIGEST-MD5, PLAIN in option 'authentication_mechanisms' in the ACE
  42. dicson Give me the name of the server, i will try
  43. md dicson: it's I tried "DIGEST-MD5, PLAIN" and "PLAIN" in the ACE and now it just hangs trying to connect
  44. dicson can't create account..... 'conflict'
  45. dicson md, I have no idea. I do not know how it works... sorry
  46. md it's not a public access server
  47. Asterix the default value should be ok. Could you show the XML logs when you try to log in?
  48. md the last exchange is: <!-- Out Thu May 29 21:32:51 2014 --> <auth xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl" mechanism="DIGEST-MD5" /> <!-- In Thu May 29 21:32:51 2014 --> <challenge xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl'>bm9uY2U9IjI4OTUyMjU3NTgiLHFvcD0iYXV0aCIsY2hhcnNldD11dGYtOCxhbGdvcml0aG09bWQ1LXNlc3M=</challenge>
  49. md Asterix: ^
  50. Asterix hmmm so gajim doesn't even try to authenticate ...
  51. Asterix maybe could you try to go up some commits before to see which one causes the problem?
  52. Asterix no traceback in console I guess?
  53. mathieui (ew, writing in black)
  54. md Asterix: no tracebacks, how do I bisect with hg?
  55. Asterix hg bisect
  56. michalxo Asterix, just tested that nscd service, and it prevented gajim/piding to connect to any network..
  57. Asterix hmm maybe it's not configured correctly? I never tested it ... I can't help that much :/
  58. michalxo aha, I used default settings
  59. md Asterix: I am trying to bisect but looks like nbxmpp is not compatible with the release that I choose. do you have any suggestions?
  60. Asterix indeed nbxmpp has to be changed too. Not easy ... Tomorow I'll give you some commit revision for gajim and nbxmpp to test ...
  61. md ok, thank you
  62. Asterix GN