Gajim - 2014-05-28

  1. albi hi, I use gajim 15.04 conneted to prosody 0.8x server (debian). Often I get ! symbol that message is not send correctly, but messege was already received. Any ideas where to find a fix for that?
  2. pvtlth What client is being used by the other person?
  3. albi gajim too
  4. albi same version, maybe 15.0
  5. pvtlth Well, that's strange.
  6. albi yes :)
  7. Link Mauve albi, does that happen for all messages in a conversation, or only a single one?
  8. albi normally all is fine, but sometimes it happen and then it happens for every message
  9. aman i think he talking about shield
  10. albi normally ! should disappear again, but last time no dissapearing for >30 min and message was receievd immeediatly
  11. Link Mauve aman, shield? Not message acks?
  12. Link Mauve albi, the only case I can see this happening would be if your contact changes resource/client in the mean time, and your client isn’t notified of it.
  13. aman albi: you talking about something like trust certificate?
  14. albi Link Mauve, we use 2 or 3 client logins, Gajim and conversation or yaxim
  15. albi no certificate!
  16. Link Mauve albi, probably either conversation or yaxim doesn’t support message acks.
  17. aman Link Mauve: not familier with acks
  18. albi Link Mauve, yes maybe it is problem with mobile, but most time all is fine
  19. albi ok mobile is off sometimes, on off on off ....
  20. Link Mauve aman, albi, message acks are a simple way to determine if a message got received, you ask your correspondant if they received it, and then they tell you they did right after getting the message.
  21. pvtlth Maybe the problem is when the phone disconnects Gajim doesn't get notified and expects a "message received" response from the phone
  22. Link Mauve I don’t know for sure, but if your correspondant is switching between two clients, one with and one without message acks support, Gajim could still think it’s communicating with a client supporting them while it’s not.
  23. albi Link Mauve, or when client is not available
  24. albi Just received again the ! shield. Gajim is away (40) and yaxim is available (5)
  25. albi His computer is locked
  26. aman locked :S
  27. albi Now he is back, all messages are received on yaxim and gajim, but I still have the ! shield
  28. albi gajim available (50)
  29. albi ! should disappear at least now
  30. albi new messages have no ! now, but the old still show ! :(
  31. Link Mauve It’s probably a resource locking bug.
  32. Link Mauve Could you try to reproduce it on the latest Gajim 0.16?
  33. albi hm, I try, but will take some time
  34. Link Mauve I have no idea if it got fixed or not, but if you are able to reproduce then open a bug on the Trac, with the steps you and your contact have to do to reproduce it.
  35. albi ok thanks for the help!
  36. albi is there a repo for 0.16 for linux?
  37. Link Mauve For Debian/Ubuntu, IIRC.
  38. Link Mauve
  39. albi thanks!
  40. Link Mauve Another thing you should do is to report a bug to get message acks (XEP-0184) supported in your contact’s other clients.
  41. Link Mauve Because it’s an useful feature. ^^
  42. albi yaxim does support it
  43. Link Mauve So it would be conversation?
  44. albi Link Mauve, looks like not yet, but they discuss it (must have feature)
  45. albi for suse there is no repo?
  46. Link Mauve No idea.
  47. Link Mauve Gajim is written in pure python, so you can just clone the repository and run it from there, without compilation.
  48. Link Mauve If it’s easier.
  49. albi Link Mauve, ok. thanks!
  50. crow Hi, what could be here problem on gajim start:
  51. dicson crow, try remove mpris2_support plugin
  52. crow dicson seems it needs python2-dbus , is there any more dependencies?
  53. dicson I think no
  54. crow ok i will try without it, only problem is for example, if you dont start it from terminal you will not even see any error
  55. crow dont know where does gajim store log