Gajim - 2014-05-24

  1. fedor.brunner I have written a small OTR, XTLS comparison to the gajim-devel mailing list.
  2. Świstak35 Hi, I have a problem with joining to a conference in gajim. I set the server to "" (it's conference server from jabbim), and gajim doesn't allow me to enter with error "It's not a chat" (or something like that - I translated error from my language to english. Maybe there is a "conference" word instead of "chat").
  3. Świstak35 As you can see, I have no trouble with joining to this conference.
  4. Link Mauve Świstak35, try removing the room from your roster.
  5. Link Mauve This issue really should get fixed. :|
  6. Link Mauve Gajim should ask you if you want to remove that room from your roster, since it has nothing to do here.
  7. Świstak35 Link Mauve, It works, thank you! :)
  8. sol Folks... Is there a plugin for Gajim like "Text Replacement" for Pidgin? (Basically a large set of spelling auto-corrections)