Gajim - 2014-05-13

  1. GreenBlood Is there such a thing like a xmpp bouncer ? Like in IRC, a "proxy" server that keeps the user logged in even if he is not ?
  2. pvtlth I have a buddy who is always shown as online even if sche's not, but I don't know why that is.
  3. pvtlth She uses IM+ as client and gmx as server. so one of those causes this, I guess.
  4. GreenBlood google show me this but I don't know what its worth
  5. GreenBlood Although it looks like what I want
  6. pvtlth Try it and tell us what you found out.
  7. GreenBlood so much dependencies
  8. GreenBlood Okay so it can bouce on legacy networks and stuff (because spectrum is a gateway to msn and stuff), but not bounce to xmpp.
  9. GreenBlood oh well maybe it does
  10. pvtlth You could also get some kind of bot which is online for you and has all kinds of nice features... But i DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT THAT SO DON'T ASK ME FOR ADVICE
  11. pvtlth Sorry for the cap, wasn't intended
  12. GreenBlood Yeah, I've got a bot, but it does not logs anything, but I guess I could redirect recieved stanzas to a file or something.
  13. GreenBlood I don't even need that much a bouncer, but I was just curious