Gajim - 2014-05-12

  1. Sotitrox Hi!, There are a plugin that execute a custom command every time I change my status message?
  2. guybrush88 i have a suggestion to improve gajim's website: imo it would be nice to have something in the site code that recognizes the system language of people visiting it and then show the site translation accordingly
  3. guybrush88 when i open, i get immediately the english version, and have to switch manually to the italian one
  4. pvtlth I think this is implemented. Every time I visit it, I get the German translated one.
  5. guybrush88 i see
  6. Link Mauve guybrush88, is your browser sending en first in Accept-Languages?
  7. guybrush88 Link Mauve, let me check
  8. Link Mauve Also clear your cookies.
  9. Askesis Anyone know why I'm seeing my messages in ciphertext in OTR sessions?
  10. pvtlth The woman at the support hotline would ask: "Did you plug in the device?"
  11. pvtlth I would ask: "Did you install and activate the plugin?"
  12. Askesis Well, given it's -my- messages that are being shown as ciphertext, I'd have to say yes ;-)
  13. pvtlth That's true. But isn't the cipher text sent in a different tag than the plaintext would be?
  14. pvtlth I can't help you, sorry, but I would be interested in where the problem is, if anyone of the others finds out.
  15. Askesis I've been asking for almost a week, it might take a while :-P
  16. pvtlth You could try the same procedure as every bug, and open a ticket with a description and maybe some log file content. This will eventually be seen by a developer.