Gajim - 2014-05-11

  1. hello, is compromised ? why google chrome is blocking downloading gajim ? google chrome says that gajim is malicious
  2. aidecoe hello
  3. aidecoe I'm trying to find out if Gajim supports messages archiving or not
  4. aidecoe there are some tickets indicating that's there
  5. aidecoe and some that's not there
  6. aidecoe :-)
  7. Link Mauve There is a patch for MAM.
  8. aidecoe what's MAM?
  9. Link Mauve 136 is obsolete, MAM is 313 and replaces it.
  10. aidecoe but what server supports 313?
  11. aidecoe not ejabberd as far as I know :-(
  12. Link Mauve Prosody does at least.
  13. Link Mauve Metronome too, I guess.
  14. aidecoe but what about 136? Is there some support or not?
  15. aidecoe in Gajim
  16. Link Mauve According to, yes.
  17. aidecoe does it manifest itself somewhere in GUI? :-)
  18. Link Mauve No idea, my server doesn’t support 136 and I barely use Gajim. ^^'
  19. aidecoe heh :-)
  20. Holger aidecoe: If you're interested in MAM support for ejabberd, you could try <>, BTW. (And there's also a module for MongooseIM.)
  21. aidecoe Holger, for which version of ejabberd?
  22. aidecoe 2.x or 13.x?
  23. Holger aidecoe: 13.x.
  24. Holger aidecoe: But I didn't test it myself (yet).
  25. aidecoe (hm, maybe dicson or Asterix will if and where Gajim supports XEP-0136)
  26. aidecoe Holger, 13.x isn't supported by distros, yet
  27. aidecoe but thanks
  28. aidecoe i'll take a look at this in the future
  29. Holger FWIW, there's a port of the MongooseIM module to 2.x, but I don't know whether it's finished:
  30. aidecoe Holger, last commit is quite old, but maybe…
  31. aidecoe but still MAM is not supported yet by clients :-)
  32. pvtlth Is there a xmpp client / server software which supports all of the known features?
  33. aidecoe pvtlth, yes
  34. aidecoe it's called Utopia
  35. pvtlth :D
  36. aidecoe i hope the answer satisfies you ;-)
  37. Link Mauve Does it support SOAP over XMPP?
  38. Link Mauve Because my utopian client wouldn’t support it.
  39. Link Mauve Nor would it support invisible presence.
  40. pvtlth I'm about to write a plugin for utopia which will add e2e encryption via twofish... ;)
  41. pvtlth Gajim doesn't make a noise when a new message arrives and it's not muted (I just checked that twice)
  42. aidecoe that sounds good
  43. aidecoe few people like noise
  44. pvtlth Well, your messages actually make a noise, but private messages don't. I am officially confused!
  45. pvtlth Sleep well on this side of the globe, and have a nice day overseas!