Gajim - 2014-05-02

  1. campey having an issue with link local on ubuntu, working to dicover roster, but on sending message getting "connection timeout Your message could not be sent" to/from windows (haven't tested linux -> linux) both 0.15.4
  2. campey any ideas?
  3. Mampir Hi! Does anyone know why "hg clone" complains about certificates, even though I trust certificates signed by CAcert and can clone from other sites which us CACert? It says the certificate is for "*,", but I can browse the repository with HTTPS without warnings, using a browser. Wget also complains when I download from It says "ERROR: no certificate subject alternative name matches requested host name `'." I think this is a problem on Gajim's side. Something to do with how the certificates were made or how the servers are configured. I also use CAcert for my websites and repositories and don't have such problems.
  4. inputmice hi
  5. inputmice quick question; how does gajim decide whether it should use jingle or legacy file transfer? i have my own client which only speaks jingle ft and gajim always tries legacy file transfer first
  6. inputmice but I don't see i disco request prior to that
  7. Mampir Why am I receiving certificate errors when I clone the repository, even thought I trust CAcert?
  8. campey ubuntu (mint cinnamon) link local also sending & receiving presence to windows (e.g. busy) just the message is broken with the timeout error