Gajim - 2014-04-30

  1. mathieui FYI, it appears that the stuff that generates xhtml from the gtk input is quite broken
  2. mathieui if you write a sentence (for example) “allo coucou”, then you select all, use bold formatting, then select “coucou”, use underline formatting
  3. mathieui if you send the message, only plaintext will be sent
  4. mathieui (presumably because the library ensures you only send valid xhtml)
  5. mathieui the OTR plugin makes no such checks
  6. mathieui and so, the XHTML generated is <p><strong>allo</strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong> coucou</span></strong></p>
  7. mathieui which is broken.
  8. allie hi all, question! I'm using gajim 0.15.4 on Fedora 20 (compiled it myself), trying to connect to Prosody via BOSH. And every time I try, it just seems to hang after Prosody replies with the features/auth mechanisms