Gajim - 2014-04-27

  1. b_b plop
  2. b_b i've tested your script mathieui and ot works well :)
  3. b_b thx a lot
  4. b_b i'm wondering if it's possible to show active chat rooms in the roster ?
  5. dicson minimize on close only
  6. b_b hmmm
  7. b_b so i've got to enbale this option on bookmarks, that's it ?
  8. b_b ok, found
  9. b_b right clic on the chan tab
  10. b_b great
  11. b_b does anyone use the offline bookmarks plugin ?
  12. b_b can't find how it should be used
  13. dicson edit - plugins - select offline bookmarks - configure button
  14. dicson plugin store bookmarks in plugin config file ~/.config/gajim/pluginsconfig/offline_bookmarks
  15. b_b i've seen that, and i can see infos in the plugin file, so it works
  16. b_b thx, i was thinking that i need to do other things to achieve it
  17. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [669:858f5aa3401f]: OfflineBookmarksPlugin. Fix missed attr. OfflineBookmarksPlugin. Fix missed attr.
  18. hollunder Hi there. I seem to have quite some problems with file transfer. A friend is trying to send files from adium, to her it looks as if the transfer is complete, but on my end only part of the file arrives.
  19. hollunder the transfer just stops part way through
  20. hollunder And if I send file to her it works (automatically goes through a proxy though)
  21. hollunder gajim 0.15.4 on Linux