Gajim - 2014-04-26

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  2. b_b plop
  3. b_b anyody knows a way to make a "backup" of an account's groupchats ?
  4. mathieui you mean the bookmarks?
  5. b_b yes :)
  6. b_b i've tried offline bookmarks plugin, but i can't find how it should works :\
  7. mathieui I wrote a script for darlan, a long time ago
  8. mathieui I can’t find it, but maybe he still has it
  9. b_b sweet
  10. mathieui b_b, you will need sleekxmpp
  11. mathieui (I wrote that 3 years ago and it is quite ugly, please do not make comments about the source code)
  12. b_b thx mathieui
  13. b_b i think i've read about this script on trac
  14. Darlan I have two versions of this script somewhere. b_b, please contact me, in the next days, if you need them.
  15. b_b great, thx a lot Darlan and mathieui
  16. Darlan b_b, you can also use Offline Bookmarks plugin.
  17. b_b ++