Gajim - 2014-04-23

  1. Maranda hmmm is the issue with the resolver fixed?
  2. Asterix Maranda: yes
  3. Asterix but nightly build don't have it yet (build failed this night)
  4. Maranda Ok
  5. irl Does Gajim have support for XEP-0222? "Persistent Storage of Public Data via PubSub"
  6. irl I'm looking for a way of publishing OTR keys for users of a server.
  7. Link Mauve Gajim has PubSub support, can use 223 if the server supports it, but only for bookmarks (48) AFAIK.
  8. Link Mauve 222 is nearly identical, that code can be shared fairly easily.
  9. irl Is the difference between 222 and 223 mainly server-side then?
  10. Link Mauve It’s a difference of node configuration, if the server supports one it will most likely support the other one.
  11. irl I've been looking through the code and the wiki and I can see what to do to handle incoming events, but can't seem to find anything about generating outbound events. Pointers?
  12. Asterix what kind of events you wantn to generate?
  13. irl XEP-0049 get and set events.
  14. irl Later, I'll want to get the same thing to work with XEP-0223, but I figure I'll start off simple.
  15. Asterix you'll have to build and send stanza yourself if the finctions in common/ are not enough. See get_settings() there for example
  16. irl get_settings?
  17. irl raise NotImplementedError
  18. irl Oh, I see it now, futher down.
  19. Asterix
  20. irl Seems simple enough.
  21. Asterix yes indeed
  22. Asterix are you creating a plugin? A patch to add a new feature?
  23. irl Doing some things with the OTR plugin to allow bootstrapping trust using DNS + DNSSEC.
  24. irl Later, may also do patches for Gajim for bootstrapping trust for S/MIME and GPG.
  25. Asterix you mean exchange gpg public keys automatically?
  26. irl Err, sort of.
  27. irl The user authenticates to the server and the server has a TLS cert so communication between the user and the server is authenticated.
  28. irl The user submits using XEP-0049 an OTR fingerprint to the server.
  29. irl Something takes this fingerprint and publishes it in DNS, signed using DNSSEC.
  30. irl The fingerprint can be retrieved using DNS and the signature verified.
  31. irl Only the root DNS certificate needs to be trusted by someone who wants to communicate.
  32. Asterix ok so that require the publish part in Gajim, a component on the server to publish fingerprint in the DNS and the retrieve part in Gajim too. right?
  33. irl Yes.
  34. irl The retrieving part already works.
  35. Asterix nice
  36. irl Also, I should mention I'm here:
  37. irl And I'm working as part of a team, it's not just me.
  38. Asterix great!