Gajim - 2014-04-21

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  4. Johannes i wonder if there is a "attention" function as in pidgin
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  6. Darlan Asterix, welcome back!
  7. Darlan Johannes, there is a command /attention, but it does not seem to work the same as the one of Pidgin, last time I checked.
  8. Johannes where does that work, like in a muc or in a standard chack
  9. Johannes chat
  10. Darlan Standard chat.
  11. Johannes hm. is there some xep for that behaviour?
  12. Link Mauve 224
  13. Darlan XEP-0224: Attention
  14. Johannes found it
  15. Holger v
  16. Holger Oops.
  17. Johannes seems sufficient to me
  18. Darlan Link Mauve, are you already in a position of a professor in the "XMPP faculty (named after Jabber)"? :-P
  19. Link Mauve Nah, I’m pretty out of date wrt the newer XEPs.
  20. Darlan So are most of professors in Law Schools :-P
  21. Link Mauve ^^'
  22. Link Mauve I don’t do nearly as many XMPP-related things as I’d want.
  23. Link Mauve I stalled my Jingle implementation in Sleek, I stalled the XMPP integration in my game, I didn’t get accepted for the GSoC for bringing XMPP into Tatoeba…
  24. Darlan We sill love you <3