Gajim - 2014-04-12

  1. b_b plop
  2. Asterix Hi b_b
  3. b_b hi Asterix :)
  4. Asterix I read your monolog from yesterday ;)
  5. b_b hehe
  6. b_b i'm still on stable release now
  7. b_b 0.16~rc1-1
  8. b_b impossible to connect to with nightly build
  9. Asterix ok, but I don't understand why it doesn't work on gajim_0.16 latest commit
  10. b_b i've look traclog with gajim -v
  11. Asterix could you show me the output of g gajim -v?
  12. b_b ok, i have to switch to nightly before
  13. Asterix ok thanks
  14. b_b i'll be back
  15. b_b replop
  16. b_b ok i got logs Asterix
  17. b_b do you prefer a txt file or a pastebin
  18. Asterix pastbine is ok
  19. Asterix
  20. Asterix
  21. b_b here we go
  22. b_b
  23. Asterix nothing more at the end ??
  24. Asterix Gajim receives the challenge and that's all?
  25. Asterix ha ... 12/04/2014 14:08:48 (I) nbxmpp.auth_nb Got challenge:nonce="1010413029",qop="auth",charset=utf-8,algorithm=md5-sess 12/04/2014 14:08:48 (I) nbxmpp.auth_nb Failed SASL authentification: unknown challenge
  26. Asterix and it's with nightly nbxmpp too?
  27. b_b yes
  28. Asterix ok the problem is there then ...
  29. Asterix could you add a "print chal" in nbxmpp/ line 453?
  30. b_b ok
  31. Asterix it's in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nbxmpp/
  32. b_b hmm i also got it in /usr/share/pyshared/nbxmpp/
  33. Asterix yes it's the same file
  34. b_b ok i'll do that now
  35. Asterix the one I gave is a sym link
  36. b_b ok done
  37. b_b i've got to restart surely
  38. Asterix yep
  39. b_b ok see u ++
  40. b_b hop again
  41. b_b Asterix
  42. Asterix no print :/
  43. b_b arf
  44. b_b let me do it again
  45. Asterix and I'm unable to register an account there, no web page ...
  46. b_b is it better ?
  47. Asterix no, still no print :/
  48. b_b argl
  49. Asterix If only I could get an account there I could try to reproduce here
  50. b_b can i make gajim -v put all outp directly to a log file ?
  51. Asterix yes but maybe the print is not at the correct place ...
  52. b_b or maybe in can put another print "anything" to see if my modification is there ?
  53. Asterix any idea how to create an account on that server?
  54. b_b it's been a long time
  55. b_b i don't remmember where i've done that ^^
  56. b_b maybe try to create directly form gajim ?
  57. Asterix it's what I tried, but I get a conflict error with whatever JID I try to create
  58. b_b maybe it would be better if i switch to another server
  59. Asterix there is a pb in Gajim about that, I'd like to fox it
  60. b_b i've created an account on to test
  61. b_b sure :)
  62. b_b can i try to put prints at other lines ?
  63. Asterix you did that? chal = _challenge_splitter(data) print chal if not self.realm and 'realm' in chal:
  64. b_b chal = _challenge_splitter(data) print chal if not self.realm and 'realm' in chal:
  65. b_b yep
  66. Asterix maybe you have several instances of python-nbxmpp? one from a package, one from manual install?
  67. Asterix you installed it manually from hg repository?
  68. b_b sorry
  69. b_b bb@tybook:~$ locate /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nbxmpp/ /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nbxmpp/auth_nb.pyc /usr/share/pyshared/nbxmpp/
  70. b_b i've got this
  71. b_b also on in /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/nbxmpp/
  72. Asterix yes but that should be a sym link
  73. Asterix you run it with py2 right?
  74. Asterix line 355, there is a Could you change a little the text in it to see if it's the correct file you modify?
  75. b_b ok
  76. b_b 12/04/2014 14:53:45 (I) nbxmpp.auth_nb Got challenge b_b:nonce="734779095",qop="auth",charset=utf-8,algorithm=md5-sess {u'nonce': u'734779095', u'charset': u'utf-8', u'algorithm': u'md5-sess', u'qop': u'auth'}
  77. b_b got it
  78. Asterix haaaa
  79. Asterix ok now I understand ...
  80. Asterix those are unicode ...
  81. Asterix ok perfect, good catch, I'll fix that in a second
  82. b_b \o/
  83. b_b i'm switching back to rc1
  84. b_b see u
  85. b_b or you want me to try other things?
  86. Asterix yes why not
  87. b_b ok i'm staying on nightly
  88. Asterix line 455, you have isinstance(chal['qop'], unicode)
  89. Asterix could you try to put unicode instead of str
  90. b_b ok
  91. b_b i restart
  92. guybrush88 asterix,
  93. b_b you rox Asterix :)
  94. b_b i'm on jabber-fr
  95. Asterix nice!
  96. Asterix I'll check if this error appears somewhere else before committing
  97. Asterix guybrush88: yep I saw ...
  98. guybrush88 apparently i can't change my password, since every time i try to do that i get that issue
  99. b_b ok, i'm leaving to switch to rc1 now Asterix
  100. guybrush88 i get that when i click on the password field in the account settings and even when i try to type the new password
  101. b_b or i can keep the nightly with my modification
  102. b_b and the newt update will overwrite it
  103. b_b ?
  104. Asterix b_b: you can keep the nightly
  105. b_b great
  106. Asterix guybrush88: I can't reproduce. You have gnome keyring on your machine?
  107. guybrush88 Asterix, yes, i have it
  108. Asterix the error seems there
  109. guybrush88 i see
  110. Asterix I try to find things on google about that ...
  111. guybrush88 now i can't reproduce that anymore, apparently
  112. Asterix ha ...
  113. guybrush88 i got it yesterday, but now it doesn't happen anymore
  114. Asterix then could you close the ticket? and don't hesitate to re-open if you have the problem once more?
  115. guybrush88 ok
  116. Asterix Thanks
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  118. b_b i got to leave, thanks a lot Asterix :)
  119. b_b see u ++
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  121. xmt Asterix, this might interest you:
  122. Asterix ha ... indeed ... will have a close look at that next week
  123. Asterix Thanks