Gajim - 2014-04-02

  1. jonathan Is the plugin installer plugin currently compatible with trunk?
  2. jonathan I get "Archive is malformed" when trying to install it
  3. Asterix jonathan : the one from gtk3 branch, yes it should be
  5. Darlan jajaja
  6. Darlan Asterix, it seems that translations of string "Open Containing Folder" and "Pause" are not applied. See: File Transfer dialog.
  7. patrik Asterix, the admins followed the workaround and no it works. :-) Nevertheless I would be interested where I could find the critical part in the code. For the clientside I guess that it is not necessary to use a bad cipher but only avoid one special cipher. Namely which one that causes the problem. Thank you very much for all your help.
  8. pvtlth hey guys, I'm bored
  9. pvtlth Well, this might be the wrong place for that...
  10. Link Mauve pvtlth, you can contribute to Gajim!
  11. pvtlth Indeed. But I'm a greenhorn with python. And I can't deal with GTK stuff. There doesn't seem to be much for me to do.
  12. Link Mauve That’s a good occasion to learn. :)
  13. Link Mauve Pick a bug you’d like to see fixed, a feature you’d like to see implemented, and get it done!
  14. Link Mauve And don’t forget to ask a lot of questions. :p
  15. pvtlth I'd really like to learn GTK. But google didn't help me too much with that. And Glade is a pain to use when you don't know anything
  16. pvtlth I'll have a lok in the bug tracker
  17. Link Mauve There are many things unrelated to GTK+ to do in Gajim.
  18. Link Mauve Even simple code cleanup would be a great help.
  19. Darlan >Even simple code cleanup would be a great help. Indeed. This also seems to be one of the most important things to fix in Gajim.
  20. pvtlth What do you mean by cleanup?
  21. Darlan pvtlth has contributed an enhanced Download page/section fro, which will be available when Gajim 0.16 would, officially, be released.
  22. Darlan pvtlth, too much lines for building a menu, for instance. See FIXME notes in source code files.
  23. pvtlth Thanks, Darlan. Indeed, I could help you better in webdesign issues.
  24. pvtlth Which file is the menu thing in?
  25. Darlan I do not recall.
  26. pvtlth pvtlth out. see you
  27. Darlan pvtlth, FIXME: We really need to make it simpler! 1465 lines are a few to much....
  28. pvtlth Darlan, thanks, I'll have a look
  29. pvtlth As I said, I don't know much about GTK. But that code looks somehow fine to me. I have no idea how to make this shorter. BTW I hate reading other people's source code :D
  30. Darlan $ grep FIXME *
  31. pvtlth I found it.
  32. pvtlth you know what, I'm going now. See you