Gajim - 2014-04-01

  1. GreenBlood I don't even know what you're talking about
  2. Link Mauve The function that gets called in loop in your strace.
  3. GreenBlood Yeah, I got that
  4. GreenBlood But what does poll() do ?
  5. Link Mauve man 3 poll :)
  6. GreenBlood Ain't no 3 poll, but thanks anyway. :D
  7. Link Mauve Oh, you should install some manpages. :p
  8. Link Mauve But anyway, this syscall is for when you want to poll over many different descriptors.
  9. GreenBlood Okay
  10. atterratio Hey guys what about your certificates for the site?
  11. Asterix what's the problem?
  12. Asterix you have to trust cacert ... but we have a valid vertificate from cacert
  13. atterratio Asterix: it worked fine before, what change now?
  14. Asterix I added the cert chain
  15. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim ā€¢ Ticket #7493 (Gajim falsely says "insecure connection" and won't connect) updated This is, still, occurring; also, with Gajim 0.16-rc1-8140a766fe30.
  16. Wolf480pl Hello. Is pubsub fully implemented in Gajim?
  17. Asterix pubsub is just a protocole, what matters is what we do with it
  18. Asterix pubsub by itself does nothing
  19. Wolf480pl There is this interface in gajim that allows you to browse pubsub nodes, subscribe to them and publish to them. Is there going to be some UI to manage pubsub nodes (create, configure, delete, assign publishers, etc.) ?
  20. Darlan How can I cancel SAS verification?
  21. Asterix Wolf480pl: We don't have code for that no. Nobody asked us, and we never needed that
  22. Wolf480pl mhm
  23. Asterix Darlan: once you trust, there is no real reason to not trust. I don't think there is a way to do that
  24. Wolf480pl so I guess nobody really cares about pubsub except for PEP, or more precisely, the user mood and tune part?
  25. Wolf480pl I mean, nobody have been interested so far in it
  26. Darlan I have verified our conversation. I want to delete the file where such verifications are stored at.
  27. Asterix Wolf480pl: yep indeed. Which doesn't mean we'll never do that! or accept contribution ;)
  28. Darlan Wolf480pl, Location, Mood and Tune. I think there are other things.
  29. Asterix Darlan: it's in secrets (~/.local/share/gajim)
  30. Link Mauve Wolf480pl, this summer Iā€™m (probably) going to implement PubSub on a website as its main notification method, and I do plan to have at least a few clients able to handle that. :)
  31. Wolf480pl awesome
  32. Link Mauve But AFAIK Gajim already handles that part quite well.
  33. Wolf480pl well, it receives and publishes correctly
  34. Asterix Link Mauve: it's atom?
  35. Link Mauve Undecided yet.
  36. Asterix ok
  37. Darlan Thanks.
  38. Wolf480pl gajim is written in python, right?
  39. Link Mauve But probably for the forum-like messenging system, still undecided for the sentence publishing part.
  40. Darlan Are .fpr and .key3 files generated by gOTR?
  41. Darlan >gajim is written in python, right? Yes.
  42. GreenBlood And with love.
  43. Asterix :D