Gajim - 2014-03-28

  1. Asterix xmt: This is because you don't have pyopenssl. but we should not call this function in check_and_possibly_create_paths() if pyopenssl is not present
  2. Asterix xmt: This should help:
  3. Holger Q
  4. Holger Oops.
  5. Darlan #7434
  6. bot Darlan: (Gajim crashes when Show Ofline Contacts is disabled)
  7. Darlan I guess 0.16 is going to be most impended after ticket #7434 is solved.
  8. conformist hi all! gajim not show pop-up notifications for incoming messages. but it shows that there is unread mail in gmail.
  9. Darlan conformist, please post a screenshot.
  10. Darlan of the problem that you have described.
  11. conformist Darlan, i can't, when an incoming message icon blinks in the system tray and all
  12. Darlan Do you have a screencast software?
  13. Darlan
  14. Asterix conformist : there is a popup only if chat window is closed (so for first message)
  15. Asterix you can use trigger plugins to adjust that if you want
  16. conformist at the moment I have 3g internet, I can explain in words - the incoming message does not appear, for example, using a notify-send and just flashing tray icon. But if you have an email, it pops up in the lower left corner of the screen
  17. conformist Asterix, chat window is closed
  18. Asterix conformist : what's the value of the first option in pref window -> notifications tab?
  19. conformist Asterix, when a new event: notify. when a new event: the show. and so and so does not work
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  21. Asterix conformist: the notification for gmail mails is a blue one? one from notification-daemon?
  22. sven Hello i have got a problem with gajim in linux mint. Gajim freezes at startup. When i want to delete the config file inhome/user/.gajim, this folder does not exist on my system
  23. sven where could it be else?
  24. Asterix ~/.config/gajim
  25. sven How stupid one man can be.
  26. sven Thanks.
  27. patrik Asterix, here is the snippet from the log-file: 2014.03.28 12:35:51 org.jivesoftware.openfire.nio.ConnectionHandler - ConnectionHandler reports unexpected exception for session: (SOCKET, R: /, L: /, S: java.lang.RuntimeException: CKR_DOMAIN_PARAMS_INVALID
  28. conformist Asterix, here is example: and
  29. conformist Asterix, and sometimes just pops up an alert on the number of letters at the bottom of the left and green
  30. Asterix patrik: hmmm I don't know openfire logs, but that is probably what causes the problem. You should talk about that with openfire devs to see if they understand the problem
  31. Asterix conformist: ok so notification-daemon works. You have trigger plugin activated or not?
  32. Asterix conformist: by the way it must be "notify" if you want a notification
  33. patrik Asterix, ok I'll give that a try. Thanks.
  34. Asterix pop it up if you want to have the chat window open automatically
  35. Asterix patrik: keep me informed
  36. patrik Asterix: Yes of course!
  37. conformist Asterix,
  38. conformist Asterix, some may need to activate the module?
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  40. Asterix conformist: no all should work correctly :/
  41. Asterix conformist: you talk about receiving a message from a contact in your roster?
  42. conformist yes
  43. conformist not from conference
  44. Asterix just tested, it works for me
  45. conformist try to reinstall tomorrow
  46. Asterix ho you use 0.15.4
  47. Asterix could you try 0.16-rc1?
  48. conformist $ apt-cache policy gajim gajim: Установлен: 0.15.4-1 Кандидат: 0.15.4-2
  49. conformist no :(
  50. Asterix just add our repository
  51. Asterix
  52. Asterix
  53. conformist ok, one second...
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  55. patrik Asterix, it seems that I'm not the only one with this problem, see here: but it also seems that this is a open problem.
  56. patrik Asterix: With a very old gajim version on a Scientificlinux machine I am able to connect to this openfire version. So the problem could be a "too" new TLS version. Is it possible to tell gajim to use an older one for testing?
  57. Asterix patrik: that confirms that the problem is on the server side. openjdk seems to have a bug ..
  58. Asterix a comment suggest a fix
  59. Asterix the one from 05/17/13
  60. mathieui Asterix, could he go on the ACE and remove “tls” from connection_types for his account, leaving only ssl ?
  61. Asterix ssl in on the legacy 5223 port ...
  62. mathieui damn
  63. patrik Asterix, yes I will ask the admins to do this. I hope they do.
  64. mathieui patrik, you could probably downgrade your python version, but it might break (potentially many) things
  65. patrik So do I understand this right, I should try connecting to port 5223?
  66. mathieui no
  67. mathieui It is severely deprecated, and probably isn’t open
  68. Asterix s/probably/hopefully :)
  69. mathieui :D
  70. patrik :-D
  71. patrik So it's not possible to only use an older tls version within a recent gajim. I would have to downgrade gajim itself, what I don't prefer.
  72. Asterix hmm wait ...
  73. Asterix there is tls_version option
  74. patrik The other thing is, that the suggested solution is for linux, but I think the server is running under windows. I don't know if this do a difference. But I definitively go back to the admins.
  75. patrik aha
  76. Asterix but it's 1.0 by default
  77. Asterix so Gajim doens't try 1.2
  78. conformist Asterix, generally start work. but only once, until I add a contact to chat, well, at least so. thanks for the help!
  79. patrik Ok, but what could be the reason that an older gajim works?
  80. Asterix conformist: yes when chat window is opened, you don't get the notification anymore
  81. Asterix I don't know :/
  82. patrik hmmm, always these strange things. :/ I don't like them ;-)
  83. conformist Asterix, I'm talking about something else. when he rolled in a tray, then only the first message is displayed and when I add a contact in the tab along with conferences and wring again to tray - no more notifications
  84. conformist Asterix, but it's not scary. so be it
  85. leon hi
  86. leon i’m very glad for #7434 being fixe,
  87. leon i’m very glad for #7434 being fixed, thanks :)
  88. leon i’m seeing this traceback sometimes:
  89. leon is that a known issue or should i report it?
  90. leon also, i’m having a problem with roster items disappearing and only reappearing while the mouse is hovering above them. is that known? (or could it be even related to the traceback i pasted?)
  91. leon (i’m on 0.16-rc1)