Gajim - 2014-03-27

  1. henk hi
  2. henk Would anyone with access to both bugtrackers mind moving from gajim to nbxmpp?
  3. Asterix henk : Hi, As I said there, a gajim -v output would be helpfull
  4. henk Asterix, ok, creating that now.
  5. henk Too bad I’m not quite sure how to reproduce the problem ):
  6. Asterix that's a problem for us too to debug it :/
  7. henk Yeah, I know ): Well, let’s see what the logs say when it happens again. AFAICT so far (i.e. I’m not quite sure about it but got the impression) it is related to losing the connection for some reason, as it happens after resuming my machine from suspend-to-ram and when my wlan connection sucks (due to intel driver problems or AP bugs) …
  8. yareckon Hi guys, I'm trying to make my client only do sound notifications on messages in group chat
  9. yareckon I'm on
  10. yareckon hm
  11. yareckon In the play sounds dialogue there is Contact Connected, Contact Dissconnected, Group Chat Message Highlight, and Group Chat Message Received
  12. yareckon what I want to mute is group chat room connections and disconnections
  13. yareckon while leaving messages loud
  14. yareckon but I'm guessing that is different than roster Contact Connected / Disconnected
  15. yareckon I'm looking at the list of events here and it looks like what I want to do is differentiate between
  16. yareckon gc-message-received and gc-presence-received
  17. Asterix yareckon : this is currently not possible. You can add a feature request for the triggers plugin in
  18. yareckon Thanks Asterix
  19. yareckon OK, it's up
  20. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #92 (Allow Triggering Sound for Group Chat Messages without Group Chat …) created I have several group chat windows open all day long in the background on my machine. I want to rely on sound to let me know to switch to them and check out what's going on when a message is posted. But joins and leaves happen constantly in these rooms, and I can't turn on sounds until there is a way to notify on one but not the other. […]
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  22. yareckon see you guys later
  23. xmt Hey, Asterix. What state is the latest gajim from default in? It doesn't work here.
  24. xmt I mean, is it supposed to load up at all right now?
  25. xmt Because it just quits on me immediately with no useful output to console or the log. :\
  26. Link Mauve xmt, you have to use python3, with python3-nbxmpp, python3-gobject3, gtk3, etc.
  27. xmt Link Mauve, I know :D
  28. Link Mauve Grep 3 in your package manager, and you’ll probably find everything needed. :D
  29. xmt Package manager, what package manager? (I'm on windows :D)
  30. Link Mauve Oh, poor you.
  31. Link Mauve Well, good luck.
  32. xmt Besides, I should have all the right libraries. I just want to know if it is supposed to work at all right now. :P
  33. Link Mauve I just tried, it launches.
  34. Link Mauve (On Linux.)
  35. xmt Ok thanks. I'll investigate then.
  36. Darlan Subject: $ gajim Gajim needs python-nbxmpp > 0.3.3 to run. Quiting... Gajim needs python-nbxmpp > 0.3.3 to run. Quiting...
  37. Darlan Problems: 1. Message appears twice. 2. I guess, message should indicate on version 0.4, not 0.3.3.
  38. Darlan Update copyright of Gajim man pages from 2013 to 2014.
  39. Darlan Should Fedor Brunner be added to AUTHORS section of Gajim man page?
  40. Darlan CLI output bug: $ gajim -he option -e not recognized for help use --help $ gajim -hy option -y not recognized for help use --help
  41. Asterix xmt : I never tester that under win. It works under linux, but never played with gobject introspection under windows yet.
  42. xmt Asterix, it looks like a problem in of all places, but I'm still trying to track it down.
  43. xmt All the pygobject stuff seems to work :P
  44. Asterix Darlan : there is no reason to have twice the message. we exit after the first print
  45. Asterix Darlan : I don't see any bug in the cli output
  46. Asterix xmt : good! Thanks for trying it!
  47. Darlan I have seen this message twice, using Gajim 0.16-rc1-cf533a346cb8.
  48. Asterix going back home
  49. Asterix CU
  50. Darlan Have fun
  51. Darlan Do you think it would be appropriate to make a list of "Special thanks to" for Gajim 0.16 release? For instance, VoIP support on Windows: xmt; BiDi support: lumirayz, mrDoctorWho.
  52. mrDoctorWho no
  53. Darlan ok
  54. mrDoctorWho i did nothing for gajim, just once fixed translate plugin
  55. mrDoctorWho but if asterix want i do not mind
  56. Darlan Most critical parts of BiDi were handled by Asterix and, especially, Dicson, but sine they are main developers, I think they should not be mentioned.
  57. mrDoctorWho sure, they should be in authors list
  58. xmt If you don't mind mentioning my real name somewhere that would be nice :)
  59. xmt But not required, no.
  60. Darlan mrDoctorWho, you have corrected position of Time/Date when mixing LTR with RTL, and you and lumirayz handled the "ignore /me" problem.
  61. mrDoctorWho sure my position like xmt
  62. Darlan I will ask, Asterix, then.
  63. Darlan :-)
  64. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7434 (Gajim crashes when Show Ofline Contacts is disabled) updated I sent an email to asterix this afternoon about this. I was able to reproduce the bug and I've found the commit that introduced the bug: ​ A quick workaround is to revert that change, but it would o[…]
  65. Darlan utapyngo, are you a Jappix translator?
  66. Darlan aha!
  67. Darlan utapyngo, I have read issue #428 and I would like to know whether you have tried to make a VoIP session with Gajim vs. Jappix.
  68. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7489 (A [] • Ticket #7710 (Gajim closes himself) created Bug description I start Gajim, it connects to my account, but it closes some seconds after… Some traceback : $ ./ =============================================================================== PyOpenSSL not found, falling back to Python builtin SSL objects (insecure). =============================================================================== ERROR:root:Could […]
  69. Darlan conformist, did you try Gajim VoIP (audio) under Windows?
  70. Darlan Coolmax, oops.
  71. pvtlth Whenever I go to any site via https my browser complains about the cert.
  72. Darlan Same here.
  73. pvtlth I'll look up the error details and will see if I can help with some more information. Is there an official bug tracker thingie for ssl cert errors?
  74. pvtlth uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is not trusted. (Error code: sec_error_untrusted_issuer)
  75. pvtlth says firefox
  76. pvtlth I assume Firefox and other browsers don't trust certificates signed by
  77. pvtlth So that's not a Gajim bug tracker issue
  78. xmt Yeah that's caused by cacert being untrusted. Not much you can do except make an exception for, unless you want to trust in which case go install their signing certificate.
  79. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7710 (Gajim closes himself) updated Hi, the default branch has recently been switched to gtk-3.0, I see from your errors that it looks like you have 3.10.7 installed. PyGTK has also been replaced with PyGObject. You should be able to fix your first two errors by installing the gobject-introspection bindings for farstream and gupnpigd, which on debian are: […]
  80. pvtlth Or Gajim gets a different cert.
  81. pvtlth Asterix, feature request for the website: Get yourself a trusted ssl cert in order to not raising errors in all browsers.
  82. Asterix pvtlth: you want to pay me a cert that accepts wildcards?
  83. pvtlth how much is it?
  84. Asterix I don't know but just the idea to pay for that ...
  85. pvtlth To pay for security?
  86. Asterix that's sad to have to pay for that ...
  87. Asterix if you don't pay you can't be on the internet securely ..
  88. xmt Asterix, you don't really need a wildcard cert tho, that's just you being lazy? ;)
  89. xmt You could, in theory, just get a bunch of free Startcom certs.
  90. Asterix I have at least 9 sub domains...
  91. xmt So get 9 free certs from startcom?
  92. Asterix and renewing them all every 6 months IIRC ...
  93. xmt 1 year
  94. xmt Yeah I know it's not great, it's just one possibility.
  95. Asterix still anoying :/
  96. Asterix yes that's a possibility ...
  97. xmt Btw, is it possible to stop gajim from messing with the exception / traceback handling. It's making it difficult for me to debug without any tracebacks.
  98. Asterix you mean have them in console?
  99. xmt Either console or gajim.log
  100. Asterix instead of in gajim.log?
  101. xmt No, not getting it in the log :\
  102. Asterix currently they go in gajim.log
  103. xmt Apparently not all of them do
  104. xmt I'm trying to use PythonWin's debugger but I've no idea how to use it. :P
  105. Asterix ha maybe because we use gtkexcepthook
  106. Asterix comment the "import gtkexcepthook" in src/
  107. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • patch.diff attached to Ticket #7434
  108. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7711 (Roster broken when deactivate / activate an account) created Bug description When deactivating and reactivating an account, the roster is no longer displayed when connected. The number of online users is correct. Steps to reproduce Disconnect Deactivate Reactivate Reconnect
  109. xmt asterix, if you see this: