Gajim - 2014-03-23

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  2. patrik I am using gnome 3.8 on debian sid and the GNOME SessionManager plugin, but I am not able to set the status in the gnome menu. Has anyone an idea what the problem is?
  3. Asterix when you change status, gnome is supposed to emit dbus messages. The first thing would be to check that with dbus-monitor
  4. patrik Asterix, when I change status in either gajim or gnome, the dbus-monitor print messages. Is this what you mean? Or do you want the messages from the the dbus-monitor?
  5. Asterix yes, when you change status in gnome, what's the message
  6. Asterix there should be a org.gnome.SessionManager msg
  7. patrik Asterix, one of the method calls is this: method call sender=:1.13 -> dest=:1.3 serial=3944 path=/org/gnome/SessionManager; interface=org.gnome.SessionManager; member=CanShutdown method return sender=:1.3 -> dest=:1.13 reply_serial=3944 boolean false
  8. Asterix isn't there a org.gnome.SessionManager.Presence one?
  9. Asterix CanShutdown doesn't sound a presence changement
  10. 0xAFFE Asterix, where can I find some documentation for the plugin system? to be exact I want to know what properties the obj of the notif event has?
  11. Asterix
  12. bullgard4 What does »s2s« mean in the compound word "s2s connection" with Jabber?
  13. mathieui server to server
  14. 0xAFFE Asterix, whats popup_image? the path to the image?
  15. Asterix 0xAFFE: yes
  16. bullgard4 mathieui, Ah! Thank you very much for your help.
  17. 0xAFFE cool! I'm working on native windows 8 notifications:
  18. Asterix nice!
  19. Asterix we have snarl under windows for notifications
  20. 0xAFFE Asterix, I know, but Windows 8 has these nice notifications and I want to use them
  21. patrik Asterix, yes there is: method call sender=:1.13 -> dest=:1.3 serial=3945 path=/org/gnome/SessionManager/Presence; interface=org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties; member=Set string "org.gnome.SessionManager.Presence" string "status" variant uint32 2 signal sender=:1.3 -> dest=(null destination) serial=303 path=/org/gnome/SessionManager/Presence; interface=org.gnome.SessionManager.Presence; member=StatusChanged uint32 2
  22. Asterix patrik: then that is supposed to work ...
  23. Asterix patrik: do you know a little python?
  24. Asterix are you able to add some print in python code to check what happens?
  25. patrik Asterix, I know python a little bit and think I am able to do this. What should I do?
  26. Asterix the plugin you installed is in ~/.local/gajim/plugins/gnome_session_manager
  27. Asterix there is there
  28. Asterix and in it there is a gnome_presence_changed function.
  29. Asterix this function is supposed to be called when you change status in gnome. could you add a print at the begining of it to check?
  30. patrik Asterix, do I have to restart gajim?
  31. Asterix yes
  32. patrik Asterix, I did. I modified gnome_presence_changed to: def gnome_presence_changed(self, status, *args, **kw): print '!!! TEST !!!' if not gajim.interface.remote_ctrl: ... restarted gajim and again had a look a dbus-monitor, but I could not find the test-string.
  33. bullgard4 Wenn ich gestern und heute When starting Gajim yesterday and today, I obtain this message: "Error when Entering the chat room. Group chat »« does not exist." The day befor yesterday and all days before that this Gajim call workdes all right for month. 2 other participants using differnt Jabber clients reported equivalent errors in a forum. - How can I make produce Gajim more verbose error messages in order to narrow down the s2s error culprit?
  34. Asterix patrik: the the problem must be in the activate() function ... could you check there if we go in the except part?
  35. bullgard4 (Gajim 0.15.1)
  36. Asterix bullgard4: the error message sounds quite clear: the chat room does not exist. "" doesn't exist either
  37. bullgard4 Asterix, You are wrong. Other people in the forum reported that they are connected to the chat room at present.
  38. bullgard4 And can communicate there with others.
  39. Asterix yes maybe, but from my server it does not work. Maybe because this jabber server refuse secure connections. And my server refuse unsecure connections.
  40. bullgard4 I need to enter a password in order to communicate in Jabber via Gajim. But I did not need an additional special password to communicate via Gajim to »«.
  41. Asterix bullgard4: that's not an option. (I don't know for your server) refuse to communicate with server that don't allow encryption. That's all. It's not a password thing, it's a TLS thing, and the server admin decide that.
  42. Asterix unsecure communication is a very bad thing those days ... so refusing it sounds a good thing
  43. bullgard4 The message does not object a missing security.
  44. Asterix which message?
  45. bullgard4 Asterix, "Error when Entering the chat room. Group chat »« does not exist."
  46. patrik Asterix, I modified the activate function to print a test-string in the except part, but neither this sting nor the string from the gnome_presence_changed function is found in the dbus-moinitor output. Strange thing.
  47. Asterix bullgard4: your server is not able to talk with, but no idea why? the unsecure communication is just a possibility.
  48. Asterix patrik: hmmm yes ...
  49. Asterix patrik: I don't use Gnome, so I can't test myself. Your plugin is activated in plugin manager right?
  50. bullgard4 Asterix, How can I obtain more detailed error messages in this case from Gajim?
  51. Asterix bullgard4: you can't , just ask your server admin why you can't contact this server
  52. bullgard4 Asterix, Right. Thank you.
  53. patrik Asterix, I doublechecked this and yes the plugin is activated.
  54. Asterix bullgard4: what my server gives me is "failed outgoing connection to"
  55. bullgard4 ok.
  56. Asterix patrik: then could you add some print at the begining of activate and at the end to see if the function is fully executed?
  57. patrik Asterix, the test-string from the gnome_presence_changed function is printed in the gajim logs as well as the 'BEGIN ACTIVATE' and 'END ACTIVATE'. Furthermore I found: GNOME SessionManager doesn't support 'offline' status
  58. patrik Asterix, sorry, the test-string from the gnome_presence_changed function is printed each time I change the gnome status! Last time I only looked at the dbus-monitor output. Sorry. But it has no effect in gajim. The status there is not changed.
  59. Asterix patrik: haaa good that gnome_presence_changed is called. Then something in it doesn't work correctly. Could you add a print in the except part? the offline error message is something else. That when you go offline from Gajim. SessionManager only supports online, invisible, dnd and idle
  60. patrik Asterix, the string in the except part is never printed.
  61. Asterix does that work if you call that from command line: gajim-remote change_status away test ACCOUNT_NAME
  62. Asterix where ACCOUNT_NAME if the name of the account in Gajim
  63. patrik Asterix, as you can see, yes! :-)
  64. Asterix patrik: could you add a "print accounts" just before the for loop to check which accounts are supposed to be changed?
  65. patrik Asterix, the out put is: dbus.Array([dbus.String(u''), signature=dbus.Signature('s'))
  66. Asterix ha ... that may be the problem ...
  67. Asterix if you add a print account in the for loop? and a print message after we get it?
  68. patrik Asterix, both messages are printed.
  69. Asterix ha so message is correctly printed ...
  70. patrik Asterix, yes. Strange!
  71. patrik Asterix, but what I found out is that the message inside the accounts for loop is empty.
  72. Asterix that's the current message of this account. That's not a problem if it's empty
  73. patrik Ah, ok.
  74. Asterix I just tested the call to emote_gajim.change_status, and it works. Could you add a "print gajim_status, message, account" to check arguments?
  75. patrik Asterix, as expected: "dnd". So the problem must be with the call of remote_gajim.change_status(gajim_status, message, account)?
  76. patrik Now it works!
  77. patrik Absolutely strange.
  78. Asterix LOL
  79. Asterix power of print
  80. patrik LOL, how can this be?
  81. Asterix absolutly no idea ...
  82. patrik Asterix, now I removed all print messages and it still works! Thank you very much for your magic aura. :-)
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  85. patrik Asterix, I am still analyzing the problem that I can't connect with from gajim. I compare the logs from my two accounts. After 23.03.2014 18:21:07 (D) nbxmpp.tls_nb: Initiating handshake... 23.03.2014 18:21:07 (D) nbxmpp.tls_nb: Synchronous handshake completed and registering some protocols there is a 23.03.2014 18:16:01 (I) nbxmpp.transports_nb: pollout called, state == CONNECTED but then, the logs differ significantly. From the good account I get a 23.03.2014 18:16:02 (I) nbxmpp.transports_nb: pollin called, state == CONNECTED But from the bad account I get hundreds of 23.03.2014 18:21:07 (I) nbxmpp.transports_nb: pollout called, state == CONNECTED Do you have an idea what the problem could be? Thanks again!
  86. mathieui patrik, I didn’t follow your issues, but do you have the xml debug logs?
  87. patrik mathieui, thank you, here are the logs:
  88. mathieui thanks
  89. mathieui patrik, I meant, the xml log from inside gajim
  90. mathieui Actions > Advanced > For account jabber.uni… > Show xml console
  91. patrik mathieui, sorry. Here is what you want:
  92. mathieui Yeah, it’s coherent with the debug log
  93. patrik mathieui‎, is that what you want?
  94. mathieui yes
  95. mathieui it looks like nothing happens after the TLS handshake
  96. patrik mathieui, yes, I think this is the problem. With other clients it works but unfortunately not with gajim. I think the server is an openfire server on windows, but I am not sure.
  97. Link Mauve If you launch Gajim with the -v option, it will perhaps tell you more about that.
  98. Link Mauve I haven’t followed the discussion at all, is it the server or the client that does nothing after the handshake?
  99. mathieui Link Mauve, this is what the first trace is
  100. Link Mauve Ok.
  101. mathieui and afaik it is gajim that doesn’t send anything
  102. Link Mauve Sorry then, I’m going back to my code.
  103. mathieui did you finish your gsoc application in time?
  104. Link Mauve Yes!
  105. Link Mauve I will probably work on Gajim a bit if I am accepted. :)
  106. Link Mauve And on Prosody, and on SleekXMPP.
  107. Link Mauve But now is the time for PyTouhou.
  108. patrik yes gajim sends this pollout thing again and again without stopping but it seems that there is no answer.
  109. patrik I know at least on person who connect to this server with gajim on windows, and there it works.
  110. patrik Is there something else that I could check? I really want to solve this problem and use gajim for all my accounts.
  111. mathieui no, I think the best thing would be to wait for Asterix
  112. patrik ok thank you mathieui.
  113. Asterix without the ability to test myself it's hard to debug. The pollout function is in python-nbxmpp in transports_nb,py adding some print there to see if self.sendbuff or self.sendqueue is empty could help
  114. Asterix Link Mauve: what's your GSOC app then?
  115. Link Mauve Asterix, bringing XMPP to Tatoeba.
  116. Asterix what's the goal of xmpp? putting some sentences there? Get some from there?
  117. patrik Asterix, the problem appears before the server asks for the password, so you should be able to test it with but I try to add the print. Perhaps it works again. It seems to be some kind of magic behind print. ;-) Thank you very much for your help.
  118. Link Mauve Having the exact same possibilities as with the current website, and notifications/duplication features.
  119. patrik Asterix, so the print output is: sendbuff: <?xml version='1.0'?><stream:stream xmlns="jabber:client" to="" version="1.0" xmlns:stream="" xml:lang="de" > sendqueue: []
  120. patrik ...hundred of times.
  121. Asterix and the value of send_count after the _send() call?
  122. patrik Do you mean the self._do_send() call?
  123. Asterix yes
  124. patrik send_count: 198 send_count: 160 send_count: 51 send_count: 0 send_count: 0 send_count: 0 send_count: 0 ...
  125. patrik Asterix, I have a wireshark file this some trafficdetails but I don't understand that. Would it be helpfull for you?
  126. Asterix sorry I don't have time this evening to look at that ...
  127. patrik ok
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