Gajim - 2014-03-16

  1. Retro Christus hello
  2. Retro Christus does gajim use custom proxy65 servers instead of the default supplied when proxy65 and service discovery is enabled ?
  3. Retro Christus i'm using prosody as server
  4. Asterix Retro Christus: Gajim uses the one from your server (it disco it on startup) and a few others
  5. Retro Christus Asterix:Thanks for the clarification. Is there any way to observe what proxy is used ? Maybe a log file or console output ?
  6. Retro Christus Thanks for clarification
  7. Retro Christus is there any debug log or console where i can watch what server is being used ?
  8. Asterix Retro Christus: when you connect to your server, Gajim tests proxies. When you send a file, Gajim sends the working proxies. What exactly do you want in logs?
  9. Retro Christus nothing in particular, just curiosity
  10. Asterix if you want to know which proxy is used when doing a transfer. then just look at XML that is exchanged ofr negociation