Gajim - 2014-03-12

  1. Hubbitus Hello!
  2. Hubbitus I've found gajim 0.16 implement awesome XEP-0308: Last Message Correction (;node=3107b848a275 ) I especially build 0.16-beta2 version. But did not find such possibility in GUI, nor other documentation on gajim site. Could you please point me how I can use it?
  3. pep. Ctrl+Up
  4. Hubbitus tets
  5. Hubbitus test
  6. Hubbitus Shoild it work there?
  7. Hubbitus By try it indeed paste last message in editor, but send as just nest message (tets, test above)
  8. pep. Enter you message, send it, then in the textbox do ^Up, the box turns yellow with the last message, and you correct it
  9. Hubbitus I have tried before: Sent message "tets". Press Ctrl+Up. Text "tets" appeared (but without yellow), i change it to "test" and it sended just as second message in this room.
  10. pep. then you didn't do it correctly
  11. Hubbitus What wrong?
  12. Hubbitus sorry
  13. Hubbitus Sorry, my bad. It indeed work (I have tried in another instance which have older version)! Thank you very much.
  14. Hubbitus Is key combination for that changable? Can it be just Up key?
  15. pep. no idea