Gajim - 2014-03-09

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7492 (Gajim output on STDOUT) closed invalid: these messages are nbxmpp messages. So report should go there. But Still I never saw that. Maybe a gajim -v output could help understanding what causes that.
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15372:de9353e7061b]: catch errors that could appear when running plugins gui extention points catch errors that could appear when running plugins gui extention points
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15373:50d442d512b5]: make audio work under windows make audio work under windows
  4. hoody_k Does the logs's deduplication are corrected on 16.xx ? I currently using 15.1 on debian wheezy
  5. hoody_k bbl
  6. Asterix hoody_k: what are you talking about?
  7. enotep ping?
  8. pvtlth pong!
  9. enotep hmm... weird
  10. enotep the channel / room window did not respond before. I could write but it was not listed in the window. I closed the channel-window and reopened it. Then I couldn't even write anything. Then I closed gajim completeley, opned it again and conected to the conference-channel, now everything works again
  11. pvtlth Nice!
  12. enotep I wouldn't call it "nice", but... :)
  13. pvtlth :D
  14. enotep is my "quit" before I joined again some minutes ago visable here?
  15. enotep re Asterix
  16. pvtlth No idea, I can't see it but that doesn't mean anything
  17. Asterix Hi
  18. enotep Asterix, concerning the feature request concerning the OTR-thing, I already reported it at the plugins github tracker. Is that ok too?
  19. Asterix you let enotep yesterday or something like that
  20. Asterix at least not today:
  21. Asterix no idea where afflux looks for bug / feature request: trac-plugins bug tracker or github. He seems to maintain 2 repos ...
  22. enotep Asterix, interesting... any idea if such behaviour is known in gajim? The box used to chat here was in suspend once without closing the conference-chat, if that matters.
  23. Asterix if there is a S2S problem at some time, Gajim can't know it's no more in the room
  24. enotep S2S?
  25. Asterix server to server
  26. enotep Asterix, oops? Like xmpp-conferences can't recover from something similar to irc "netsplits"?
  27. Asterix I don't know what netsplits is. I don't know IRC, I never really used it
  28. Asterix Gajim can know it is disconnected from its server
  29. Asterix because we ping it regulary
  30. Asterix but not from a room
  31. enotep Asterix, IRC consists of several servers forming a "net" (or several different nets) together. For example one net would be "freenode", it concists of several dozen or so servers all around the globe, users connect to one of those servers with their irc-clients and all freenode-servers exchange messages back and forth between each user if they "talk" to a different server that another user is on. So servers in such nets have a "s2s" connection which can break (due to scriptkiddies ddos-attacks or "normal" network issues), but the link is tried to re-establish every few minutes or so. Until the servers have a valid connection, the "bigger" net is no more, smaller nets exist, like islands where bridges collapsed...
  32. enotep oops? Why is my last message not shown in gajim here? It only shows a link to the public conference-logs...
  33. mathieui it is a link to a server-handled pastebin
  34. mathieui because it is too long
  35. enotep mathieui, define "too long" please. Is that a xmpp-restriction or a local conference-room-restriction?
  36. mathieui local conference-room-restriction
  37. enotep may I say, that restriction sucks imho :-p
  38. mathieui well, I don’t like it either, but it helps a lot with flood
  39. GreenBlood In cases of code pasting its rather useful
  40. mathieui and it avoids polluting the screen when pasting code, logs or stuff
  41. enotep well, I am very used to IRC and code-pasting is done one paste-services or you get kicked, so... ;-)
  42. enotep brb
  43. hoody_k Asterix, I was talking about that
  44. hoody_k
  45. GreenBlood wow
  46. GreenBlood Why all your messages are doubled ?
  47. mathieui GreenBlood, because your server is buggy
  48. mathieui This is resolved by me kicking you, and then you rejoining
  49. mathieui please tell me when you have read that and are ready
  50. hoody_k is buggy so ?
  51. mathieui Yes, it uses ejabberd
  52. mathieui which has this particular bug
  53. mathieui this should be ok
  54. GreenBlood mathieui, Not me, I was talking about Hoody_K's sreenshot
  55. mathieui yes, I understood after
  56. mathieui which is why I kicked him and not you :)
  57. GreenBlood Indeed