Gajim - 2014-03-07

  1. utapyngo I also have problems with E2E encryption.
  2. utapyngo Sometimes I can't turn it off. It is enabled automatically again after each message.
  3. utapyngo Windows8 x64
  4. utapyngo And I also like Gajim for it being able to replace Skype in the future. But only in the future, when XEP-0313 is implemented.
  5. utapyngo Because the behaviour specified by XEP-0280 and XEP-0313 is expected by most users of modern instant messengers.
  6. utapyngo When will the patch for XEP-0313 be available in the HG version?
  7. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7675 (New "autoimprove_security" option.) updated I would just throw TLS 1.0, RC4 and other similar insecure encryptions/versions out (or make it always visible to the user that they are not secure). I'm not a pro in this but these two give a user a false sense of security.
  8. helloothere hello, as i see gajim OTR plugin uses "DH_BITS = 1536" bits but NIST recommends at least 2048bits. What do you think? Are you going to increase it to 2k? (I think PCs are fast enough and can handle it)
  9. mathieui helloothere, OTR uses a fixed dh defined in the specs
  10. helloothere is there a 2k version?
  11. helloothere or is there only this one definition with 1,5kbit?
  12. mathieui there is only this one
  13. mathieui
  14. helloothere ok thanks
  15. helloothere i just found this and thought there are bigger sizes
  16. helloothere so i guess ECC with own curves (not the ones form NIST) is the next step..anyway
  17. killer.095 هاي
  18. GreenBlood Right to left writing feels wierd. :D
  19. Sereiya (ô.o)
  20. GreenBlood Hey, how do I enable thumbnails next to links ?
  21. Sereiya It's a plugin.
  22. Sereiya "Url Image preview"
  23. GreenBlood kay