Gajim - 2014-03-06

  1. cmhobbs greetings! i just wanted to pop in and say thanks for gajim! i recently had problems with pidgin (and forgot about gadjim), it's been a joy to use since i re-installed the client
  2. cmhobbs ha, pardon the misspellings.. it's late
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Screenshot.png attached to Ticket #7663
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7676 (can't type message in the pop-up window) updated do you have errors in log file? winXP: C:\Documents and Settings\LOGIN\Application Data\Gajim\gajim.log win7: U:\Users\LOGIN\App Data\Roaming\Gajim\gajim.log
  5. Sereiya Hello there, got a little problem with the instant chats. The client always starting new sessions and activating/deactivating end-to-end encryption after nearly every message sent or completely on its own. It seems impossible to chat this way.
  6. Asterix which versions on both side?
  7. Sereiya 0.15.4
  8. Asterix is there an error in console on one side?
  9. Sereiya Is there a build-in console or do I need to start it in cmd? We're both using Windows 7.
  10. Asterix ha windows
  11. Asterix then it's a log file
  12. Asterix in c:\users\LOGIN\app data\roaming\gajim
  13. Sereiya The last entry is at 20:06. The log is entirely filled with this: 20:06:34 (W) gajim.c.x.dispatcher_nb: Unknown stanza: item
  14. Asterix ok so not a real problem
  15. Asterix what's the value of advanced option autonegociate_esessions, enable_esessions in advanced configuration editor (pref window, advanced tab)
  16. Sereiya Both are activated.
  17. Asterix and that happen only with this contact?
  18. Sereiya No, with both I have in my contact list. Also, they got plenty error messages their programs where unable to decrypt my messages right - however, it shows what I wrote.
  19. Sereiya Now gajim stopped trying to activate ESession all the time und the chat remains unencrypted, till I reactivate it manually. Then, of course, it's still the same problem.
  20. Sereiya I should notice that we're currently in the same network, sitting next to each other.
  21. Sereiya Need to correct myself, the other clients doesn't show the messages related to the error messages.
  22. Sereiya Sorry, I'm a bit tired.
  23. Asterix Sereiya: so only your client shows error?
  24. Asterix maybe that's just that you want to encrypt, and your contact doesn't want to encrypt
  25. Asterix there is a log_encrypted_sessions advanced option that may have been set to false on one side?
  26. Asterix time to sleep, CU
  27. Sereiya Nothing like that... :(
  28. Sereiya I just tried the actual beta version, but it shows the same error in chats with me and another person. Between two friends it's quite funny, they got every message twice.
  29. Sereiya Gajim >looks< quite good, but on Windows 7 it seems to be full of bugs.
  30. GreenBlood I don't have problems on gajim and win7
  31. Sereiya It's just weird... we've three different computers with windows 7 here, and gajim causes trouble everywhere.
  32. GreenBlood What kind of troubles ?
  33. Sereiya Between pc1 und 2/3, the ESession Encryption always turns on and off. pc1 and 2: the messages can't be decrypted. pc2 and 3: Every message is received twice.
  34. Sereiya Just tried the new beta in pc1, but no difference.
  35. Sereiya Is it possible the problems only occur 'cause we're in the same local network?
  36. GreenBlood Wierd
  37. GreenBlood I don't really see why local network would do problems, but meh
  38. Sereiya perhaps the encryption routine doesn't work well with x64 based systems?
  39. Sereiya I'm just clueless... but I realy like gajim from its shape, and I actually need something a can present to friends like "take this, it's much safer, faster and easier than Skype, and now don't bother me with terrible software anymore". ;)
  40. Sereiya Okay. The Chat between pc1 and 2 works, but _only_ if pc2 writes to pc1. Then, the encryption works fine. But after pc1 writes something back, die encryption turns off.
  41. Sereiya Could it be another program blocking a specific port, something like that?
  42. Sereiya Thats depressing.