Gajim - 2014-03-03

  1. helloothere when i freshly downloaded the Hg version and launched it, gajim starts but I can't log-in, there's the trace:
  2. dicson try update nbxmpp
  3. helloothere it is the latest 0.3 from ?
  4. dicson from hg
  5. helloothere ok
  6. dicson >when i freshly downloaded the Hg version branch name?
  7. heloothere works now :) thanks
  8. heloothere gajim
  9. dicson ok
  10. dicson gajim_0.16 must work
  11. heloothere yes it works now :)
  12. dicson ok
  13. heloothere make sure gajim 0.16 stable works well with ChatSecure :)
  14. Link Mauve heloothere, both use XMPP, what exactly wouldn’t work?
  15. heloothere well it sems that when we try to do the verification and press the "OK" button it doesn't work
  16. Asterix the verification of what?
  17. heloothere OTR
  18. Asterix ha
  19. Asterix then it's not a problem in Gajim but in the OTR plugin
  20. heloothere I'm not sure but it seems so
  21. heloothere ah ok
  22. Asterix
  23. heloothere what is he talking about XD
  24. Asterix "he" ?
  25. heloothere otr works for us but just not the verifikation stuff
  26. heloothere the ticket creator Darlan
  27. Asterix no idea, I don't use OTR nor ChatSecure client
  28. Asterix leave a comment if you can use ChatSecure yourself
  29. Asterix that will help plugin developper to fix it
  30. heloothere ok. why don't you use it?
  31. Asterix 'cause I don't need it
  32. Asterix I use E2E most of the time
  33. heloothere ah ok it least you use enc.
  34. Asterix yes
  35. heloothere tried to add a comment to tickt but after refresh it wasn't there
  36. Asterix I see it
  37. heloothere ok now it's there
  38. heloothere yes ok
  39. heloothere just rechecked it and it indeed doesn't work
  40. heloothere edited my ticket post but yeah
  41. heloothere btw. maybe you should release a beta3 since beta2 is old? just a suggestion, you know it better
  42. Asterix I'm finishing integrating xmt's work to have audio / video under windows before
  43. Asterix audio is ok, video not yet
  44. heloothere ok
  45. heloothere windows? isn't this the biggest virus executable? :-D
  46. Asterix it is, but Gajim is built there too, so we try to have a good user experience under windows too
  47. heloothere well it not open source and that's the most bad thing about it
  48. heloothere ok
  49. heloothere the worst*
  50. heloothere oh and thanks for gajim, good program
  51. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #81 (Improve OTR negotiation against ChatSecure) updated Darlan, I'm not sure what you are talking about but I just installed a fresh Hg version of Gajim and python-nbxmpp, activated/installed the OTR plugin and OTR works. Only the authentication (where one sends a question the to the other person) stuff seems not to work. Edit: It works so far that I receive the question to […]
  52. Asterix heloothere: you're welcome :)
  53. Link Mauve heloothere, there are Wine and ReactOS, so it’s ok. :)
  54. heloothere hehe
  55. Link Mauve I actually compile and test my game only on Wine. ^^
  56. Link Mauve And thus my Windows users get weird bugs. ^^'
  57. heloothere why are the reactos guys -- and let me say it -- wasting their time on a windows clone
  58. heloothere really
  59. heloothere wine is better because it has a unix base where one can e.g. easily restart it
  60. heloothere hehe, Link M.
  61. Link Mauve I think it’s better than people wasting their time on TV, for example.
  62. heloothere yes but still not on this clone..someone should tell them this
  63. heloothere explain that there are linux,bsd,...
  64. xmt "Why ReactOS? Why clone Microsoft Windows? ReactOS is not technically a clone of Microsoft Windows. ReactOS is an operating system that implements the NT architecture and is compatible with Microsoft Windows applications and drivers. The developers involved believe that the NT architecture itself is robust and powerful but are often frustrated by some of Microsoft's business decisions in restricting Windows. As such, they elected to write an NT operating system of their own."
  65. heloothere ok
  66. xmt ;)
  67. heloothere so is the commandline there as bad as on the original?
  68. heloothere anyway, see you
  69. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7672 (Feature request - encrypted logging) created problem Logging is stored in plain text when using gpg to encrypt chats. It would be great to have this encrypted too. analysis enhancement recommendation
  70. pvtlth Will gajim become compatible to cryptocat one day?
  71. mathieui not happenning
  72. mathieui (imho)
  73. pvtlth K