Gajim - 2014-02-21

  1. Nick wonders why gajim is listening on port 1900
  2. Nick and 36148
  3. Nick 36418*
  4. x11term >Darlan‎: x11term, how do you run GTK+ 3 version of Gajim? ...gajim/ :)
  5. bullgard4 Guten Morgen!
  6. Darlan Good morning, Germany!
  7. bullgard4 Darlan, Good morning!
  8. bullgard4 What does "RSS Feeds for Gajim" mean? See for exmple "[05:53:10 PM] bot: RSS: Feeds for Gajim".
  9. Darlan I think bot is posting entries from RSS feed of <>.
  10. bullgard4 Darlan, Thank you.
  11. Darlan You are welcome <>.
  12. mmlosh Hello. There seems to be an issue when a contact switches jabber clients, but both use the same resource (will be seen in the scrollback like this) [ : : ] ‎usr is now Offline (Replaced by new connection) <gajim leaving> [ : : ] ‎usr is now Available <psi entering>
  13. mathieui Why is that an issue ?
  14. mmlosh I am getting "delivery failed" symbols for all my messages, but the other side is receiving them allright
  15. mathieui oh
  16. mmlosh could be bug in PSI of course
  17. mmlosh but at first I thought, that perhaps gajim didn't notice that the user-agent has changed and thinks it's still speaking to gajim?
  18. mmlosh I restarted gajim, delivery notifications are still broken, so no way that could be gajim's fault :)
  19. mathieui or the server
  20. mathieui mmlosh, there is no “user-agent”, messages are sent to a resource and that’s it
  21. mmlosh yeah.. I meant "feature discovery" or something like that
  22. Link Mauve mathieui, there are caps in resources.
  23. Link Mauve mathieui, there are caps in presences*.
  24. mathieui Yes
  25. mathieui but I’m not sure the « delivery failed » appears because of receipts or because of received error replies
  26. Link Mauve A log could be useful.
  27. mathieui (or some who actually knows gajim, maybe? :D)
  28. mathieui (or someone who actually knows gajim, maybe? :D)
  29. pvtlth with aes in cbc mode... how do i save the iv with the encrypted data?
  30. Neustradamus 14/02/22: the second XMPP security test day: