Gajim - 2014-02-16

  1. sg According to Trac, Gajim should support XEP-0224 (Attention). But when I try to send "/attention" to a contact in my roster, I get "attention: Command does not exist". Am I doing something wrong? Or doesn’t Gajim support it?
  2. sg Hm, now I wonder: Does it work for users in the roster only? I tested with the current version on Windows, but with an unauthorized contact. And when I tested it on GNU/Linux (with an authorized user), I used an older Gajim version, which probably doesn’t support it yet.
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  4. pubis does anyone know why Gajim removes my status message after some time?
  5. Asterix pubis, there is absolutly no reason for that
  6. Asterix sg, indeed, it's only supported in 0.16 beta
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  8. johnny Asterix, is there any problem with switching from gstreamer 0.10 to 1.0 ?
  9. Asterix API changed I think, and I also think it requires pygi
  10. johnny pygi ?
  11. johnny hmm
  12. johnny i see
  13. Asterix I think there is no python module for it and you access it with gobject introspection
  14. Asterix we have that in gtk3 branch, so using farstream 0.2 there shouldn't be a problem
  15. Asterix Does someone see somthing reay neede for 0.16 release?
  16. johnny only gtk3 :)
  17. johnny haha
  18. Asterix :)
  19. Link Mauve Asterix, I’d say integrating xmt’s changes for Windows, if you can’t get video to work at least disable it and leave only audio.
  20. johnny oh i heard that there's now a gstreamer distribution for windows now
  21. Asterix yes, indeed, I have it working for audio, but I'm not at home and I don't have my windows VM to progress on that
  22. Link Mauve johnny, of the 1.2 branch. :)
  23. Link Mauve Gajim still uses 0.10.
  24. Asterix I'll wait 2 weeks to come back at home to progress on windows audio / video
  25. johnny i know gajim still uses 0.10
  26. johnny one of the last gstreamer 0.10 things i have
  27. Link Mauve Ow, wxgtk (even the latest version) and qt4webkit also depend on it. :(
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  29. sg Asterix, ah okay, thanks. So the next stable release should support /attention then, I assume?
  30. ArtemKyz hello guys
  31. ArtemKyz how i can select people nick in room?
  32. ArtemKyz sry for my bad english
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  35. johnny oh.. so also switching to py3 and gtk3
  36. Link Mauve So you target 3.2?
  37. johnny hmm?
  38. johnny does gtk3 change force you to go python3?
  39. Link Mauve No, but it’s better to use a modern and non-dead language.
  40. Link Mauve gtk3 only forces to abandon pygtk for g-i.
  41. Link Mauve But g-i could be used for gtk2 too.
  42. johnny well no reason for that
  43. johnny gtk3 will mean that gajim will work without Xwayland more easily
  44. Link Mauve Yes.
  45. Link Mauve I’ve actually already run it on native Wayland. :)
  46. johnny so how far along is the gtk3 branch?
  47. Link Mauve I had to wipe the dbus code for some reason, and it was barely usable, but it ran.
  48. Link Mauve A bit unmaintained AFAIK.
  49. Link Mauve It will be the focus once 0.16 is released.
  50. johnny very exciting
  51. johnny i just want all libgnome* junk to die :)
  52. Link Mauve I don’t have any currently installed on my system. :p
  53. johnny you don't have python-gnome2 anything? or python*bonobo or wahtever?
  54. Link Mauve None of those.
  55. Link Mauve Why do you need them for?
  56. Link Mauve What*
  57. johnny i thought they were part of the gconf integration and things like the tray
  58. johnny although i'm still using 0.15.. but that's what the deps say
  59. johnny it's requiring (for fedora) gnome-python2-bonobo, gnome-python2-desktop, gnome-python2-gnome
  60. Link Mauve Strange.
  61. johnny but you use a debian derivative?
  62. Link Mauve I use a weird mix of distributions, a CRUX base with pkgsrc as my main package manager, and both ArchLinux and Debian in chroots for the times I need them.
  63. johnny i'll have to look at the deplist for debian i guess
  64. johnny do you use gajim packages or always from src?
  65. johnny i used to use gajim from source until 0.15 was released
  66. Link Mauve I have the packages installed, but when I run it it’s from sources.
  67. johnny oh those packages are "suggests" in debian, but rpm doesn't have "suggests"